What can be eaten before a training?

What can be eaten before a training?

All know that sports progress is defined not only by intensity of trainings, but also correctly picked up diet, how the athlete before and after occupations will eat, his physical shape directly depends. There is a set of the special diets allowing to transfer better the increased physical activities, there are also special nutritional supplements for athletes — zhiroszhigatel, proteins, power engineering specialists. However all similar complexes are based on uniform laws which should be known, selecting themselves the most suitable diet.

Whether it is necessary to eat before a training?

The question of whether it is possible to eat before a training, is nearly the most frequent at the beginning athletes, on the one hand, with the crowded stomach the sports loadings are transferred very hard, and on an empty stomach, on the contrary, both to breathe and to move much more simply, but, on the other hand, for hard work of muscles the energy is necessary, and it can be received only with food.

The answer as the philosophy prompts, is in the middle of these two extremes.

Important! Just before physical occupations is it is not necessary, but also presence of feeling of hunger at this moment is inadmissible. The person has to be full, but not overeaten.

Following such simple rule, we solve the main objective: the organism manages to acquire the food which came to it, to transform them to energy on which immediately there is demand during the intensive training.

Full-fledged occupations allow to work better muscles and to increase their volume, and excess energy is not transformed to fat deposits as it happens if in due time not to spend it.

It should be noted, nevertheless, that there are special sports programs which have to be carried out, whenever possible, in the morning and strictly on an empty stomach (at most what can be made before such training, is to drink a glass of water).

For example, the respiratory gymnastics for weight loss on a system bodiflex, developed by American Childers Greer belongs to similar complexes. But, on weight, on speed and on endurance, meal nevertheless has to precede exercises on force.

The intensive training on a hungry stomach is very hazardous to health. Because of the low level of glucose in blood the organism begins to scoop energy not from fat cages as much would like, and from proteinaceous fabric, that is from muscles.

We recommend to get acquainted with catering services of athletes.

As a result muscles literally burn down, and physical activities result in opposite result — weakness, exhaustion and the flabby drooped skin.

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What to eat before a training?

In order that the mechanisms described above worked correctly, important very much thoughtfully to approach the choice of the products consumed before occupations.

The resolved products

The list of the resolved products, first of all, join carbohydrates and proteins.

Important! Carbohydrates — the main source of energy. As show researches, not less than seventy percent of the fuel burned in the course of the intensive training, the organism receives from carbohydrates.

However, so-called fast carbohydrates are suitable for sports occupations badly. They will instantly be transformed to energy and sharply increase sugar level in blood which, in turn, provokes the strengthened production of insulin.

As a result sugar goes down, but there is a sharp feeling of hunger. Thus, eating as advertizing advises, Snickers chocolate bar to satisfy hunger, the person in fact receives the return reaction: the high-calorific product comes to an organism, and sense of fulness does not arise. It is interesting that the unique exception of this rule makes honey. Being a source of fructose, sucrose and glucose (that is all monosaccharides relating to plain carbohydrates), it, nevertheless, is recommended for the use before a training in small amounts as effective and very useful natural power engineering specialist.

Important! Honey is nearly the only product which can be used just before occupations, however in very limited quantities — no more than two tablespoons.

Slow carbohydrates (carry starch, cellulose and a glycogen to them), on the contrary, are split throughout the long period of time, release energy gradually, so, provide that effect which is necessary during the long and intensive training.

Thus, it is possible to include the products containing a minimum of fats and a maximum of slow carbohydrates and also proteins, for example in the list of the products resolved before a training:

The products containing slow (complex) carbohydrates

The products containing proteins

Grain (buckwheat, porridge, rice)

Cottage cheese



Fruit with the low content of sugar



Chicken meat

Unsweetened juice (freshly squeezed natural)

Meat of a turkey


Meat of a rabbit

Pasta from firm grades of wheat


Germinated wheat


Whole-grain bread




It should be noted that the products specified in the table belong to carbohydrate or proteinaceous food very conditionally. For example, at mushrooms and nuts there are also those, and other nutrients, and their concentration and a ratio can change depending on various factors (type of a product, maturity degree, a way of preparation).

The forbidden products

As it was already mentioned, prior to occupation in the hall it is impossible to eat greasy food.

Besides that fats slow down work of digestive system and cause that heavy feeling which is not combined with sports loading at all, this type of food blocks development by an organism of the nitrogen oxide necessary for the athlete in order that:

  • to provide delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to the developed muscles;
  • to support the high level of a blood-groove;
  • to keep body temperature at the necessary level, without allowing an organism to overheat;
  • to accelerate process of splitting of fatty tissue and, finally, its transformation to muscular;
  • to increase endurance and to distance the moment of so-called muscular refusal;
  • to overcome the fatigue interfering continuation of a training;
  • to help muscles to relax and be restored after classes.

However among the products known as the source of proteins and carbohydrates, including slow, is those which for various reasons nevertheless you should not use on the eve of the occupations in the gym.

Their list is not quite obvious therefore we will provide it with special specifications concerning what the corresponding ban is based on.


Why it is impossible to use before a training

Milk and milkshakes

Besides protein, contains high percent of fat.

Bean (haricot, peas, lentil)

Can cause an abdominal distension therefore it is better to postpone these carbohydrates to the posttraining period.

Greens, lettuce leaves

Cause the same problems, as bean.


Contains sulfur and a large amount of rough cellulose and also acid. Can cause irritation of a stomach and intestines.

Fried food

In the course of this type of thermal treatment any fats, including vegetable on which there is a frying heat up and transformed to carcinogens. These substances are hazardous to health and besides are badly acquired, thus, the organism will spend energy for digestion of heavy food, but not for pumping of muscles.

Spicy food

Can cause stomach pains or heartburn.

Carbonated drinks

Can cause an abdominal distension and the raised meteorizm. Besides, gas promotes washing away from an organism of sodium and other useful minerals, provoking dehydration.

High-calorific products of animal and plant origin (for example, red meat, avocado, grapes, bananas)

Are too long acquired, disturbing a full-fledged training.

Alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances

Cause dehydration, worsen reaction and control over the events that is fraught with injuries and other problems.

Any sweets, including protein bars

Slow down combustion of fats, quash feeling of cheerfulness, increase fatigue.

Sweet fruit juice

Contain the fructose relating to plain carbohydrates, besides, the increased content of acid can cause the irritation of a stomach and intestines which is followed by pain and making full sports by impossible.

What to drink before a training?

Intensive physical activities are always connected with thermoproducts, that is with allocation of heat. In order that the body did not overheat, sweating processes are started, and, sweating, our organism actively loses liquid. Thus, prevention of dehydration — the main condition during sports loadings.

For this purpose before a training it is necessary to drink:

  • 500 — 800 ml of liquid for 1 — 2 hour;
  • 250 ml of liquid for a quarter of hour.

Whether you know? Hour of an average on intensity of run is followed by loss of liquid from one to two liters, the marathoner with then loses up to four liters of water. It is counted that, having turned off sweating process, the organism of the athlete will heat up in five minutes by one degree, and it means what within 30 — 40 minutes will reach a limit after which there comes death.

And in the course of the occupations it is necessary to fill up constantly this stock (on couple of drinks each fifteen minutes), without allowing emergence of feeling of thirst at all.

Best of all for replenishment of reserves of moisture to use water, but not simple, but mineral without gas. The fact is that about then organism loses not only liquid, but also salts therefore to maintain electrolytic and salt balance of this period not less important, than water.

Besides, it is possible to increase intensity of loading by means of certain energy drinks. However it is necessary to treat their choice extremely carefully. Various sports drinks which are on sale in bright bottles and actively advertized producers may contain in the structure sugar and other fast carbohydrates as sweetener. Such products are extremely undesirable to the use both to, and during the training.

Unlike them, special pretraining drinks (they are also called isotonics) represent:

  • liquid carbohydrates;
  • mineral substances;
  • power phosphates (first of all — creatine);
  • other amino acids and vitamins which in a complex help to split quicker fats, to increase endurance and to develop muscle bulk.

Whether you know? The experiment made by the American researchers showed that the athletes drinking just before occupations carbohydrate drinks at the rate of 1 g on kilogram of body weight carried out the same exercises approximately for 15% bigger number of times, than members of control group who under the guise of sports drink were given placebo.

However, it must be kept in mind that similar drinks cannot be taken neither during the training, nor in days when active physical activities are not planned, before going to bed as the probability of fast set of excess weight is in that case high.

Video: about isotonics Some athletes just before visit of gym drink crude eggs, considering that it will give them forces and will help to build up muscle bulk. However such approach is quite misleading.

First, yolks contain many fats which use on the eve of the training will have pernicious effect on its effectiveness, and secondly, protein from eggs, necessary for an organism in the course of physical activity, are much better acquired if to boil them.

There is also a set of disputes on whether it is possible to drink before a training such invigorating drinks as tea, coffee or cocoa.

Most of sports nutritionists agrees that tea, especially green, is a great choice at a stage of preparation of an organism for intensive loading.

Important! Thanks to the flavonoids and antioxidants which are contained in tea leaves the regular consumption of green tea provides increase in endurance to 20%!

There is no direct ban and concerning coffee. Moreover, before high-speed and power occupations this drink is even useful as caffeine promotes acceleration of process of combustion of fats and affects tight muscles as analgetic (by the way, ginger has the same effect therefore its crushed root can be added to tea). It is only important to observe a measure as the excess of caffeine excitingly affects nervous system and gives additional load of heart which during performance of active physical exercises already works in the emergency mode.

As for cocoa, here a situation — ambiguous. On the one hand, chocolate stimulates production of nitrogen oxide which we mentioned when we spoke about harm of greasy food.

But, on the other hand, powder of cocoa is produced generally from the cake remaining after processing of fruits of a chocolate tree so it is much less useful substances in such product, than in quality dark chocolate.

At the same time drink usually is cooked on milk and is plentifully flavored with sugar, that is in general, contains too much it that you should not use before sports activities.

Healthy nutrition before a training

Besides a right choice of products and drinks, by drawing up the pretraining menu it is necessary to be guided also by other important principles.

Calculation of calories and ratio I WATCH

Caloric content of food has to pay off so that the energy received from them covered the cost connected with intensive loading, but at the same time did not remain in considerable surplus and was not transformed to fatty tissue.

Here it is necessary to understand that the needs of an organism for energy — category very individual.

Important! It is on average considered to be that before a session of the increased physical activity the man needs to fill the organism with three hundred kilocalories, the woman — two.

In particular, this indicator depends from:

  • floor;
  • age;
  • body weight and its distribution between bone, fatty and muscle tissue;
  • states of health;
  • type of sports loading (cardiological, dynamic, static).

The power value of the pretraining menu (ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats) has to aspire to the following ideal:

  • carbohydrates (difficult) — 63%;
  • proteins — 27%;
  • fats (mainly vegetable, with high content the Omega-3 of polyunsaturated fatty acids) — no more than 10%.

In absolute expression this proportion depends on intensity of the forthcoming loading and approximately has to meet such standards:


For weight loss

For a set of muscle bulk


40 g

70 g


15 g

30 g


3 g

10 g

For how many prior to a training it is necessary to eat?

As the purpose of pretraining food is supply of an organism with energy, sufficient for the forthcoming loading, from the moment of meal prior to the occupations there has to pass so much time how many it is necessary that the nutrients which are contained in it underwent splitting process (amino acids were transformed to construction protein, carbohydrates — in the glucose which is a source of fast obtaining energy).

Important! From the moment of reception of heavy and volume dishes prior to a training there have to pass two-three hours, and easier food can be eaten in thirty minutes prior to visit of gym.

Nevertheless, told is only the general rule. Speed of digestion of food depends not only on a look and quantity of a product, but also on a way of its culinary processing and also specific features of an organism (in particular, on a condition of digestive system, activity of exchange processes).

Therefore it is necessary to be guided always by own feelings: before the occupations the state has to be vigorous, and a body — a lung. Drowsiness, apathy and weight in a stomach are the certificate that all forces of an organism are directed to digestion of food at present (that is called, blood clung to a stomach), and, so is not ready to a training of people.

Often there is a situation when in one and a half-two hours prior to visit of gym it is full it was not succeeded to eat, and just before occupations the meal is contraindicated.

Not to change the plans, refusing a training, and at the same time not to damage the health, being engaged on a hungry stomach, there is a simple exit: to arrange itself easy having a snack, having eaten, for example, apple or grapefruit.

Feelings of weight will not cause such products, and the fast carbohydrates which are contained in them will give to an organism necessary recharge. However it is necessary to understand that the similar option cannot be used as a rule as in general it contradicts bases of pretraining food.

We advise to esteem how to choose qualitative sports food.

Sports food

Sports food is understood as special nutritional supplements which are produced especially for people, is active and even professionally playing sports. Therefore the first that it is important to understand, estimating expediency of acquisition of products of this sort: her consumers are athletes, but not those who decided to tear off suddenly the body from a sofa and for a change to visit the gym.

But even in sport various nutritional supplements can be considered only as addition to competently balanced diet and, at all, not replace it.

Important! Sports food should not be confused with doping, it is about absolutely legal additives which allow to achieve more good results due to mobilization of own resources of an organism.

Sportivy food includes such components as:

  • protein (the protein providing building of muscle tissue);
  • geyner (correctly balanced mix of carbohydrates and proteins);
  • amino acids (are necessary for formation of muscles and combustion of fats);
  • zhiroszhigatel (increase the need for energy, accelerate exchange processes);
  • power engineering specialists (fast carbohydrates, work as one-time stimulators);
  • vitamins and minerals (fill the need of an organism for any given vital substances).

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At last, correctly made pretraining menu directly depends on what objective has to be achieved in the course of the sports occupations. In particular, people with the excess weight wishing to lose weight and to the professional athletes working for good result need to eat before the occupations differently.

Let's provide several suitable recipes for the first and second case. They can be used as a basis for formation of a daily diet.

Whether you know? Arginine, tsirkulin, agmatin — the amino acids included as specific additives in sports food as a nitrogen oxide source. Having refused greasy food before a training, it is possible to balance the diet without use of pharmacology.

For weight loss

The main principle which it is necessary to stick to subject who wants to lose weight by means of sports activities — to lower total number of calories, without allowing at the same time their deficiency. In other words, it is necessary to eat exactly so much how many it is necessary for a full-fledged training.

Get acquainted with complexes of effective exercises and the correct food allowance when drying a body.

It is possible to achieve a goal, for example, by means of such dishes:

Name of dishes

For what time is

Chicken breast soup; the vegetable salad filled with vegetable oil

2 hours

Veal on a grill; puree from a celery root

2 hours

Boiled fillet of a turkey; rice porridge on water (with salt)

2 hours

Stewed rabbit; whole-grain bread

2 hours

Paste (from firm grades of wheat) with seafood


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