What it is more useful to drink for the night - kefir or milk?

What it is more useful to drink for the night - kefir or milk?

Dairy products is a traditional and integral component of a diet of the modern person. They play an important role in food and human life. In particular, it is considered that the glass of milk or kefir for the night promotes a good dream.

Undoubtedly, there are people who don't love milk and derivative products at all. But nevertheless the most part of people consider a dairy products as a necessary part of a diet. Taking into account that nutritionists and doctors don't recommend to gorge on before going to bed, and to fill up absolutely next the heart quite difficult, dairy products (not too high-calorie, but nutritive) can resolve this problem.

Whether it is useful to drink milk?

Milk actually is the first product which accepts a human body after the birth. It contains a set of vitamins and mineral substances, in particular calcium, necessary for bones, has low caloric content, nice to the taste. Warm milk with a small amount of honey is excellent means against a sore throat and as prophylactic it perfectly works.

But there is an essential shortcoming – milk is very badly acquired by an adult organism - no more than thirty percent from the accepted quantity and how many it is possible to drink it for time?. So, milk quite badly is digested that can result in weight in a stomach and to other unpleasant feelings which are usually disturbing a healthy sleep. Therefore it is necessary to drink milk at least one couple of hours prior to a dream if you like its taste, or from your point of view the positive sides block this negative.

The Israeli scientists consider that regular consumption of warm milk helps to fight against excess weight.

Why it is useful to drink kefir for the night?

Kefir is fermented milk product that means that in its structure there are special bacteria similar to those which live in microflora of a human stomach. Kefir is produced in the artificial way, special useful bacteria add to it especially then drink is sent for sale. Kefir cleans a human body, promotes digestion, prevents developing of dysbacteriosis and other unpleasant phenomena. You shouldn't drink kefir in too large numbers. If you keep to a diet, choose kefir of one-percentage fat content, fatter kefir will be suitable both for the use in pure form, and for pastries.

There are actually completely fat-free types of kefir which perfectly will be suitable for the use during a diet. But it is necessary to get used to their taste at first.

If there are no particular problems or allergic reactions to this drink, it is acquired by an organism more simply and quicker, than milk therefore it can be drunk how to go to bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team