What meat and whether it is worth refusing it is dangerous by

What meat and whether it is worth refusing it is dangerous by

Without consumption of meat only vegetarians can imagine life, perhaps. Finished meat products, for example, sausage or sausages people use unchanged, other meat use for preparation of various dishes. But very few people know that excessive consumption of meat of mammals can get to irreversible problems with health.

What is meat dangerous by?

As it was already told above, the most harmful and dangerous to the person red meat, that is pork, beef, mutton is considered. The last research in the field of healthy food was shown that abuse of red meat can lead to development of various oncological diseases, digestive organs most often suffer. Meat which was exposed to heat treatment, that is frying, smoking, a pickles and so forth increases risk of development of cancer of intestines. In preparation time of meat on a brazier or at long frying in a frying pan substances - carcinogens which have negative effect on all organism are formed. Red meat contains transfats which influence has an adverse effect on a cardiovascular system. Abuse of meat in any kind provokes development of type 2 diabetes. Long ago it is noted what vegetarians has this disease approximately twice less often.

Whether it is necessary to refuse meat? 

At everything at the same time absolutely it is impossible to refuse meat because it contains the amino acids, necessary for life, participating in many processes proceeding in an organism.

How to reduce harm from meat?

Not to do much harm to health, it is necessary to use meat products in finished form in volume to 500 grams a week. The meat cooked in broth or steamed is considered the most useful. In general it is better to give preference to light meat or fish which don't do harm to a human body.

What products to refuse?

It is essential to reduce in the diet it is necessary a smoked sausage, sausages and various semi-finished products. At their preparation, very many chemical fillers which the benefit to health is also not brought are used.

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