Why creatine in bodybuilding is necessary

Why creatine in bodybuilding is necessary

Any athlete does not do without creatine. On an importance scale for athletes it is on the top lines of the list. To increase the muscle bulk without this additive, it is necessary to make many efforts and time, there is always not enough the last. But before learning about other useful properties of this additive, we will get acquainted with the history of its opening.

For the first time the mention of substance under the name creatine appeared in 1832 when during the researches Michel Shevryol it was revealed in skeletal muscles of animals. During the subsequent researches by other scientists it was established that it promotes the active growth of muscle tissue.

In the late eighties of the XX century in Sweden the experiment which finally proved dependence of efficiency of growth of muscles on amount of creatine in an organism was made. It also laid the foundation for popularity of newly opened connection in the world of sport.

Doctor Greene Hoffman the first developed a prototype of modern kreatinovy courses according to which at the use of a certain amount of newfound substance, the efficiency of growth of muscles increased many times.

Important! In case of additive overdose, there can be a renal failure.

Within the next years not one dozen experiments during which it was proved that this substance stimulates increase in directly muscle bulk and also leads to increase in their power indicators was conducted.

And in 1993 the first kreatinovy additive which was available to purchase to everyone is produced. It made the real revolution in the world of bodybuilding: having seen obvious progress, each athlete began to accept it, quickly increasing force of muscles and their size. One more break was made in 2004, it is connected with opening of ethyl air of creatine which popularity exceeded any expectations. But still there are no objective researches which would show essential advantage of the last option before his predecessor.

Therefore from 90th years of the XX century and till present creatine remains popular additive still, annually it is sold more than for 400 million dollars.

Learn what is creatine and as it is correct to accept it.

Means is very popular with athletes as its efficiency in a set of weight was scientifically proved. Creatine is ideal for fast recovery of muscles during the interval trainings. According to poll, 75% of winners of the Olympic Games used additive for improvement of the results. Means cardinally changed approach to training of athletes and presented us hundreds of new world records.

Whether you know? The use of creatine promotes decrease in level of cholesterol and improvement of a condition of the central nervous system

  • promotes rapid and effective growth of muscle tissue;
  • allows to increase the maximum power threshold of muscles;
  • improves a visual type of muscles, gives them relief;
  • effectively counteracts harmful effects of lactic acid;
  • improves a condition of cages and their ability to keep energy;
  • secretion of anabolic hormones raises.
  • it is impossible to use during pregnancy;
  • it is not allowed for the use to people with diseases of kidneys or a liver.
  • can cause violations in work of digestive tract;
  • metabolic disorder;
  • dehydration;
  • cardiac arrhythmia.

Important! The main side effect when using creatine is the water delay in muscles therefore it is daily necessary to use not less than 3 l of water.

Before starting reception, it is necessary to get acquainted with the main methods which are used already not one decade. It is accepted to allocate two forms of reception: the scheme with a phase of loading and the standard scheme.

  • to accept 5 grams of creatine of 4-5 times a day within the first week;
  • then on 2–3 grams a day within a month;
  • to accept with a large amount of water and carbohydrates;
  • in training days is accepted after the training, in others — between meals.
  • to accept 2–3 grams daily within a month;
  • the way and time of reception are similar with the previous option.

Before each subsequent course it is necessary to take a break from 3 to 4 weeks. It is impossible to tell unambiguously what of ways will provide you the best results, for each person everything is selected individually depending on his food allowance and a way of life.

Whether you know? When cooking, using heat treatment, 60% of creatine in products are destroyed.

Daily average person needs to receive about 1 gram of creatine with food. Depending on a food allowance, the amount of creatine can strongly differ.



4.5 g


4 g


4.5 g


6.5 g


3 g


5 g


0.2 g


0.19 g

Considering the low cost and high efficiency, it is widely used by various athletes and not only in bodybuilding as can seem at first. The main thing during reception — it is individual to pick up a dosage taking into account creatine which you receive from food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team