Gymnastics in the pool for a backbone: set of exercises

Gymnastics in the pool for a backbone: set of exercises

Back pains after forty years — the phenomenon quite widespread, and over the years they are only aggravated. However the hypodynamia, a sedentary life and also consequences of injuries and various diseases of the musculoskeletal device can lead to the fact that irreversible processes in a backbone begin to develop also at much younger age. To avoid this phenomenon, there is a set of ways, but the most effective of them are anyway connected with water.

Advantage of swimming for a backbone

It is necessary to recognize that both age, and earlier problems with a back are, in fact, a peculiar price which all of us are forced to pay for the right to release top and to leave only the lower extremities for walking.

Owing to reorganization of an organism on bipedalism the people began to suffer massively from such diseases as:

  • arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • hernias;
  • varicosity.

Whether you know? Regular pains in a back of different character, according to statistical data, are tested by 85% of adult population of the planet. Usually the diagnosis osteochondrosis, that is change of cartilaginous tissue is made to such patients. But, it appears, neither cartilages, nor bones, nor a spinal cord have no nervous terminations, and, therefore, can hurt. Physicians confirm that age back pains have not a direct bearing on a backbone, and are called, actually, by problems with ligaments, muscles and sinews. Deeper inspection shows that the diagnosis osteochondrosis is incorrect in … 82 cases from 100!

Vertical position of a body leads to two main problems: increased load on a spine column and complicated, as if clamped, blood circulation. There is, however, one more, and it is connected with physiological change of the structure of bones of a basin at women that leads to painful childbirth. Getting on water Wednesday, the human body has an opportunity to relax completely. Weight load of a backbone and internals decreases many times, muscles relax, mobility of all joints (work amplitude in the different planes) increases.

In such state any physical exercises are carried out much easier, without causing pain that allows to do them at full capacity and with the accruing loading. Thanks to it in water of people can make much more, than on the land.

It is important that need, being in water, to constantly support the body in equilibrium state, involves wide groups of muscles, and first of all the backbone and a waist work.

Learn how to learn correctly to breathe when swimming and how to choose shovels for swimming.

Therefore, swimming and fitness classes in water are exclusively useful not only to prevention, but also as successful treatment of already existing diseases of a spine column and back departments.

Besides, similar exercises are one of the best ways of a training of a respiratory system. Decrease in mobility of joints leads to considerable reduction of the operating volume of lungs (so-called excursion) with age. Regular swimming will mobilize a backbone and joints of edges, as a result the mobility of lungs increases, and full breath provides full saturation with oxygen of all bodies and the systems of an organism, preventing development of chronic pathologies, including in department of a spine column.

Useful will be to note that occupations in the pool or in an open reservoir are an excellent psychoemotional stimulator, and the good mood, as we know, helps to get rid of many diseases, including of the back pains having often the neurologic nature.

Important! Swimming and occupations in the pool are shown to all healthy people, irrespective of age as a great way of improvement of the general physical and mental state.

Indications and contraindications

For gymnastics in the water basin it is possible to carry to the general indications:

  • sedentary or inactive way of life;
  • physical or mental strain;
  • children's or advanced age;
  • dejectedness, depression, insomnia;
  • the weakened immunity;
  • low adaptation to physical activities;
  • desire to improve fitness of muscles or just to lead a healthy lifestyle.

First of all the similar kind of physical trainings is recommended at the following pathologies (special indications):

  • the violations of the musculoskeletal device which are especially connected with consequences of the suffered injury or the disease connected with temporary immobilization of an affected area of a body;
  • hernia of lumbar and sacral department of a backbone;
  • stoop and other violations of a bearing;
  • muscular atrophy;
  • restriction of mobility of joints, arthritises, arthroses, coxarthroses;
  • vegetososudisty dystonia;
  • metabolism violations;

Examine useful influence which is rendered by swimming on health of women, men and children.

  • diseases of respiratory organs;
  • vascular pathologies (thrombophlebitis, varicosity);
  • endocrine violations (diabetes, gout, excess weight);
  • heart diseases;
  • digestive tract pathologies (gastritis, colitis, stomach ulcer, cholecystitis);
  • damages of the central nervous system (neurosises, paralysis, poliomyelitis, paresis, osteochondrosis of a backbone, cerebral palsy, sosudospastichesky disease);
  • the rehabilitation period after some operations.

Many of the specified diseases can provoke the severe back pains which considerably decrease as a result of regular trainings in the pool.

Whether you know? If to compare the specific weight of water to the specific weight of a human body, it becomes clear that their values are very similar. With empty lungs (having exhaled) the person weighs only 0.04 — 0.01% less, than water of the same volume, with full lungs — is 0.1 — 0.15% more. Thus, neglecting this difference, one may say, that our weight when we dive, differs not in much from zero and when we float — makes no more than four kilograms that corresponds to the weight of the head which is over a water surface and one hand doing a fungus.

At the same time, there are certain states at which the similar gymnastics cannot do or it is required to do it carefully, under observation of the doctor or on his direct appointment. Treat such contraindications:

  • injuries of knee, talocrural, elbow joints;
  • hypostases in joints;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • open wounds, cuts (can become gate for entering of an infection);
  • any diseases of infectious character;
  • dermatological diseases (eczema, furunkulyoz, epidermofitiya, itch);
  • fungal diseases;
  • herpes of all types;
  • candidiasis;
  • diseases of a throat, nose or ears (antritis, otitis, a tonsillitis, plays the dandy, perforation of an eardrum);
  • diseases, sexually transmitted (syphilis, gonorrhea, trikhomonadny infection, syndrome of an immunodeficiency of the person);
  • sharp gastric frustration;
  • dysentery;
  • tuberculosis;

Pay attention to exercises at osteochondrosis, a complex for a waist, occupations on Evminov's board, exercises with a fitball, a complex to an extension of muscles of a back and backbone.

  • rheumatism in a sharp phase;
  • Reynaud's disease;
  • the increased body temperature;
  • the increased arterial blood pressure;
  • cardiovascular diseases in a chronic and heavy stage (the myocardial infarction, a stroke, stenocardia, heart failure, heart disease obliterating endarteriit);
  • some heavy mental disorders (epilepsy, schizophrenia);
  • diseases of an urinogenital system (cystitis, pyelonephritis);
  • respiratory diseases (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, bronkhoektatichesky disease);
  • overfatigue syndrome at athletes;
  • acute allergic reactions (this restriction concerns first of all occupations in the pool with the chlorinated water which can cause skin irritations and even suffocation);
  • any other states connected with existence in an organism of sharp inflammatory process.

Set of exercises for a back and a backbone

Occupations in the pool for a back can be divided conditionally by the form into two groups:

  • swimming;
  • gymnastic exercises (hydrokinezoterapiya).

Horizontal position in water gives to a backbone the maximum unloading, however at pains in a back of various character it is important to float correctly. It is known that there are four main styles of swimming (a crawl, a breast stroke, butterfly stroke, he is a dolphin, and swimming on a back).

Whether you know? Swimming is capable to work wonders with a human body. One hour of usual keeping of on a water surface with stretched in the parties hands and completely relaxed muscles allows to grow by one centimeter (due to straightening of a bearing) and to burn about three hundred calories, and fat deposits clean up evenly from all body and do not lead to skin sagging.

Use of these styles in the medical and preventive purposes has to be carried out with observance of the following rules:

Style of swimming

Indications (to whom suits)

Direct contraindications

Butterfly stroke (Delphine)

For prevention of diseases of a backbone and the general strengthening of muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular systems (healthy people).

- serious problems with a backbone;

- the weakened immunity;

- weak muscles.

Breast stroke

- advanced age;

- hypodynamia;

- lack of development of muscles;

- backbone hernia



- advanced age;

- stoop (posture correction);

- giperkifoz;

- varicosity;

- backbone hernia.


Swimming on a back

- advanced age;

- varicosity;

- waist, joints pains, feet;

- scoliosis;

- hernia nuclei pulposi;

- flattening of a chest bend of a backbone;

- other serious problems with a backbone.


As for a hydrokinezoterapiya, at rather severe pains in a back it is possible to use such set of exercises:

payment order No.

Type of exercise

Technology of performance




Being kept by a hand for a hand-rail, it is necessary to fall most low: at first pistol (on one leg serially), further — on two legs. The head completely plunges under water and is late there for 3 — 5 seconds.

36 times (12+12+12)



Slowly and smoothly, holding hands on a belt and not losing balance, it is necessary to turn the case at first in one party, later in another, forward and back.

32 times (16 times in the parties, 16 times forward and back)



Keeping on water it is horizontal by means of the hands divorced in the parties, and commission of the balancing fungi by them, it is necessary to bend legs in knees and to twist them the imagined bicycle pedals.

3 minutes


Moves legs

Being kept by one hand for a level and standing to it sideways, it is necessary to make moves one leg at first forward, then back. After performance the set number of times to change the party.

32 times (on 16 times in both parties each leg)



Supporting by one hand a hand-rail, it is necessary to get very carefully one leg back, lifting it as it is possible above, but without bending at the same time forward. At emergence of sensation of pain immediately to stop.

6 times (on three times each leg)


Steps on the place with a high raising of knees

Standing without support and not losing balance, it is necessary to raise the leg bent in a knee to a breast, to put it into place and then to take the same step on the place from the second leg. Hands have to move to a step to walking by wide moves. This exercise should be done on the site of the pool where water reaches breast level.

5 minutes



Standing a back to a side, it is necessary to be grouped, make a start from it legs and to be extended horizontally on a water surface, having lowered the person under water. Hands are straightened over the head, continuing the line of a trunk. Having reached the set position, it is necessary to try to relax, but at the same time to keep situation, without allowing a body to turn over or be filled up sideways. To remain afloat 5 — 10 seconds.

4 times



Having deeply inhaled upright, it is necessary to tighten legs to a stomach and to clasp them with hands, having lowered the person under water and having pressed a chin to a breast. At correctly executed exercise and rather deep breath the back has to rise over water and stand in the provision of a float. To hold a position up to 10 seconds, keeping balance and not allowing a body to turn over.

4 times


Horizontal level

Having grouped, it is necessary to throw legs on a side of the pool and, helping itself hands, to stand at attention on a water surface. For maintenance of balance a helpless gesture is made in the parties.

5 — 10 minutes


Exhalation in water

To lay down on water horizontally a stomach down, having grasped with outstretched arms a hand-rail. Legs have to move up and down, as in style a crawl. Hanging the head in water, to make an exhalation, to turn to the right over water and to make a breath, to exhale under water, to inhale with turn to the left. To repeat exercise with a breath at the head raised forward (as in style a breast stroke).

36 times (12+12+12)

Important! Carrying out gymnastics in the pool, surely you watch that your organism did not overcool.

The general rules of occupations in the pool

Trainings in the pool demand observance of the following rules:

  1. The hot or warm shower always has to precede calling water. It will warm muscles and will prevent a possible spasm and a spasm.
  2. Trainings in the pool, as well as any other physical occupations, it is always necessary to begin with warm-up and to finish with a hitch — the slow weakening exercises which are carried out out of water.
  3. Use of flippers will allow to increase load of muscles.
  4. In water it is imperceptible that the person sweats therefore it is especially important to monitor the correct load distribution and not to allow an overstrain.
  5. Power exercises in water at problems with a back are contraindicated.
  6. The correct breath during the work in water is obligatory.
  7. Active exercises have to alternate with easier.
  8. Before starting water gymnastics, it is recommended to give several minutes to usual swimming in the style recommended for a concrete state. To relax a backbone after the training, it is useful to swim for a while not for long on a back.
  9. Whatever useful occupations in water for health of a backbone were, they need to be supplemented with other accompanying procedures — massage and overland physical trainings.

For normalization of functioning of the musculoskeletal device and also prevention and treatment of the diseases of a back which are followed by pains in it the swimming and gymnastics in water are one of the best means. It is important that such occupations, in comparison with many types of sport and fitness, do not cause a feeling of an overstrain and physical fatigue, and, on the contrary, give great pleasure, raising the general tone of an organism.

Swimming and backbone: video

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