All about gerbera: how to take care of flower

All about gerbera: how to take care of flower

Gerbera – one of perennial plants most widespread recently in appearance reminding dandelion of the big size. It is a pleasure to look after such beauty.

Gerberas – rather whimsical plants, however it does not affect their popularity in any way. It is possible to grow up these beautiful flowers which have great variety of shades on personal plot and in flowerpots on windowsill. To get gerberas for vazonny cultivation, it is necessary to get dwarfish grades of these plants. Height of such gerberas, as a rule, does not exceed 25-30 cm, however if not to use in the flowerpot economy special delay mechanisms of growth (retardant), then plants can grow much higher.

Optimal conditions

Gerberas demand everyday leaving. Optimum temperature for cultivation of gerberas is 18-20os.

Gerberas are thermophilic, they excellently feel in well lit rooms. It is possible to contain these plants in the summer on the balcony as the draft it is not terrible. It is ideal if the gerbera grows in flowerpot which is installed on windowsill from the southeast party. For watering of gerberas it is necessary to use only warm water, about 20 wasps. When watering is not necessary pereuvlazhnyat the soil and also to fill in with water leaves and the socket of flower. Water should be poured in pot only on its edge.

Blossoming period

During blossoming the gerbera is quite vulnerable and the main danger to it is constituted by faded flowers. Therefore as soon as the flower begins to fade, it needs to be deleted immediately. It will secure plant against infection and will give the chance to develop quicker to new peduncles. Usually the gerbera blossoms two times a year – at the end of winter and at the end of summer that for the plant is not too good as frequent blossoming exhausts it. In order that the plant grew healthy and well developed, it periodically should give the chance to have a rest. The gerbera usually should be submerged in condition of rest in the winter. For this purpose it is necessary to reduce intensity of its watering, up to once a week. Ideal temperature in order that the plant has had a rest and has gained strength, has to be near 10-12os. The correct care for gerberas means replacing of plants, with frequency of times in three years.


As a rule, gerberas breed seeds, besides the first flowers can appear already in half a year after landing. Also gerberas can be made multiple copies, having separated parts of rhizomes from the main plant and having transplanted them in other pot. Necessary conditions for successful reproduction: high air humidity indoors and temperature is not less than 20 wasps.

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