How to clean the room

How to clean the room

Many are taught to keep order in the house still since childhood. In spite of the fact that every day you remove something, wipe and erase, dust does not become less, and day when clear-out is required comes.

It is required to you

  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - rags for dust;
  • - cleaning agents;
  • - mop;
  • - broom.


1. It is better to begin cleaning with kitchen. Collect all garbage in plastic bag. Wash dishes and gas-fire. Wipe table and windowsill. Be engaged in washing of walls. Wash walls near plate more carefully as on them splashes of fat and oil when cooking get. Use special cleansers. If the tile on walls does not give in to cleaning, use metal grater. Wipe the fridge, the microwave oven and other household appliances. Sort out boxes and cabinets in which grain is stored. Take out all packings on floor and wipe in cabinet, collecting all waking-up grains. Clean sink and cranes. Further start floors. At first sweep the floor, sweeping out garbage from each corner. Clean especially polluted places which will not be washed up by plain water (for example, near plate there can be greasy spots or the dried-up soup drops). Open windows or window leaf. Wash up floor mop, often changing water.

2. Start cleaning in the room. Sort clothes which hang on doors, chairs or chairs. Collect all garbage. Wipe windowsill and put on it all small things which will complicate cleaning (notebooks, phones, figurines, framework). Remove bed linen, accurately put it and put away in basket for dirty linen. Wipe with special cleanser all mirrors and glasses. Wipe with damp rag in the room dust. Wipe the TV with dry rag. If you do it by damp rag, it is necessary to disconnect it from network. Take the vacuum cleaner and vacuum bed, chairs, padded stools. It will be more convenient to vacuum if to remove wide nozzle from the vacuum cleaner, having left one tube. Vacuum all corners and hard-to-reach spots, then put on nozzle and vacuum carpet. If floors are carpeted not, and linoleum or parquet, wash up them.

3. Clean up the hall. Shake sand from all footwear and put away it in locker. Hang out all things on hooks. Put keys, coins, shoe brushes to one place. Wipe dust. Collect by broom all sand. Wash up floor.

4. The last that should be removed is bathroom. Flood the bathroom, toilet bowl and sink with cleanser and leave for 15-20 minutes. Wipe mirrors and household appliances. Put in order hangers with towels and boxes with personal care products. Clean the bathroom, sink and toilet bowl and carefully wash away the cleanser remains. Sweep out broom all dirt from corners and wash up floors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team