How to dig out tree

How to dig out tree

Trees dig out to replace them. If you are not going to keep plant, then it needs to be cut down and then to dig out stub. If your tree just has to "move", then it is worth beginning to be prepared for it in advance.

It is required to you

  • - tape measure;
  • - shovel;
  • - burlap;
  • - water;
  • - paint for marks;
  • - set for determination of properties of soil.


1. It is the best of all to replace trees in the early spring when they "wake up", it is possible to carry out it operation and late fall when plants "fill up". And only in extreme cases the trees "move" in the winter, but only when temperature has not managed to fall below – 5 wasps.

2. Choose the new place for tree. Make sure that it will receive enough sunlight or shadows depending on what conditions are required for plant for growth. Check soil type – whether it is suitable for this look? Dig out hole in advance. Its size has to be twice more, than root lump of the replaced tree. Be guided by the fact that at absolutely young plants he up to 0.5 meters, at derevets is more senior, up to 5 years, the lump reaches 1 meter, ten-year trees increase it to 1.5 meters. Lump height, and, so and hole depth, for young trees - up to 0.5 meters, for plants is more senior - up to 0.7 meters.

3. Note that party by which it is turned to the sun on tree to orient it on the new place likewise. Tie up branches that they did not break and did not disturb you.

4. Take sharp shovel that in case of hit on tree roots it cut them, but did not break, and dig out around it trench, being guided by the above-stated digits. If tree absolutely very young, and its trunk of no more than a meter, you can move it with naked roots. Chop off all roots which go beyond the lump designated by you or saw off sharp hacksaw. If you do not know how many years you to tree, then outline root lump at the edges of the longest branches.

5. That it was easier for you to dig, water roots, so you will better see them. Having dug deep trench and having chopped off excess thin roots if tree not very young, call the assistant. Let he will take the second shovel, and you at the same time lift tree on their working panels.

6. Protect roots if long transportation is necessary to tree. Tie with its burlap and periodically water. Do not plant tree too deeply, do not put in fertilizer hole. Powder the soil around the planted tree with mulch, it will provide it protection and nutrients. The first year after change water tree at least 2 times a week, in droughty weather – is more often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team