Types of linoleum: commercial, household, natural

Types of linoleum: commercial, household, natural

Linoleum is multilayered watertight coating for floor which is implemented most often in rolls 1.5 wide to 5 meters and from 6 to 45 meters long. There are several types of linoleum.

Household linoleum

For use in premises most often buy household linoleum. Cover with it floors in bedrooms, halls, kitchens, children's rooms.

That to make it, apply frothed basis or basis from polyester. On thickness such covering can fluctuate 1 up to 4 millimeters.

Household linoleum has wide variety of colors and design. It is quite soft, it it is simple to stack, look after it easy too. One more plus is low cost of household linoleum.

The fact that at intensive loading the life cycle at it does not exceed two years belongs to shortcomings of such covering.

It is desirable for owners of household linoleum to buy furniture with wide legs, and during shift it is desirable to lift sofas and cabinets as the covering is quickly deformed.

Commercial linoleum

This type of floor covering is ideal for salons and offices, it is possible to apply logos and drawings on it. Commercial linoleum has the increased wear resistance, it has quite long life cycle. Commercial linoleum is separated into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous linoleum is covering with the monophonic drawing from 1.5 to 3 millimeters thick. Components of this covering – limestone, talc, kaolin. If not to meet specifications, these fillers can come to light and form dirty raid. That it has not occurred, by production linoleum is covered with special polyurethane protection. Time in 3-6 months protecting cover needs to be soshlifovyvat. The homogeneous covering is used in hospitals, laboratories, policlinics and also in other places where static electricity should not collect and there are increased requirements to sanitary state Heterogeneous linoleum - it is universal, laminate. Its basis is fiber glass. Apply PVC-paste that it has become impregnated with it on face side of covering. Then cover with one more layer, decorate with the drawing and fix it by the next layer transparent and strong PVC-paste. The basis reverse from fiber glass is equipped with substrate from fabric, jute or frothed PVC. Heterogeneous linoleum is applied in places with the increased passability. For example, at offices with big staff, halls of hotels, at stations, corridors of public places. Linoleum well maintains loadings from heels, rollers of chairs and carts.

Damp cleaning will be suitable for care for heterogeneous linoleum.

Natural linoleum

The most harmless and eco-friendly linoleum is natural. This qualitative covering resistant to wear, deformation, abrasion. Natural linoleum consists of linseed oil, pith flour, pitch, natural dyes, powder of limestone and jute fabric. Such linoleum can have polymeric covering. Natural linoleum is used at restaurants, bars, clubs, laboratories, policlinics, hospitals, on industrial facilities and in transport. Produce natural linoleum not only in rolls, but also in tiles. Tiled linoleum is used generally in cafe, living rooms, bars and kitchens. The linseed oil which is part of linoleum gives it special bactericidal characteristics which do not disappear over time. Also it has high fire resistance. The natural covering does not lose color, it is resistant to influence of fats and ethyl alcohol. It is easy to clean it in the dry and damp way. It is possible to damage natural linoleum the kolyushche-cutting objects and alkalis.

How to pick up linoleum

Choosing linoleum, consider where it will be. In corridor, kitchen and the hall the covering not less than 3 millimeters thick, with protective layer from 0.25 millimeters will be required. For the living room it is possible to buy linoleum 1.5 millimeters thick, and the thin covering 1.2-1.5 millimeters will be suitable for the bedroom. For the nursery it is better to choose option 3 millimeters thick. It can be household linoleum on frothed basis with protective layer from 0.25 millimeters.

As it is correct to look after linoleum

That the floor covering has served as long as possible and has not got out of the color and shape, it is necessary to look after it correctly. As linoleum is very sensitive to high temperatures, for damp cleaning it is necessary to use warm water. You should not apply the aggressive cleaning chemical means to cleaning of covering, because of them it tarnishes, becomes yellow. Besides the natural components which are part of natural linoleum collapse under the influence of chemistry. Not to damage linoleum, do not use also coarse powders and abrasive materials. They can damage protecting cover. For care for any kind of linoleum it is desirable to use polish and polymeric mastics. Thanks to them on surface of floor covering the protective film which increases resilience to mechanical influence is formed.

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