For what inoculations are necessary?

For what inoculations are necessary?

Receives the most part of vaccines of people in the childhood, and the decision on their need is always made by adults. Therefore a question for what inoculations are necessary, the person is usually set when it has children.

Why inoculations are necessary?

Inoculations were invented by the doctor Jenner in 1798. The pioneer of vaccines noticed that if to enter the microorganisms causing smallpox to the person through a skin cut, then it gains resistance to a fatal disease.

The specific immunity to a disease arises thanks to lymphocytes which take pathogenic microorganisms and allocate in antibody blood to them. Effect of vaccine lasts some time – year or more – after the end of this period is required a revaccination.

Today vaccination is seldom carried out by means of live microorganisms, most often for production of medicines use products of their activity or separate components of a cage of a microbe. Therefore the risk to ache after vaccination is minimized.

Whether it is necessary to do inoculations?

Adults usually avoid vaccination, without wishing to spend the time and money. Meanwhile physicians urge to take root annually from flu and to revaktsinirovatsya each 10 years from tetanus and diphtheria. These diseases are very dangerous including they of complications, but are rather effectively warned by means of inoculations.

In addition, it is very important to do all necessary inoculations before trips to the countries with a bad epidemiological situation. The organism, unaccustomed to an alien infection, will be defenseless against it, and medicine level in such countries, as a rule, is low.

Whether inoculations are necessary to children?

As for children, the doctor has to make the decision on need of vaccination, considering specific features of each child. Vaccination of children allows to avoid such dangerous diseases as tetanus, diphtheria, smallpox, poliomelit, tuberculosis, measles, a rubella, whooping cough, hepatitis B and others.


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