Types of memory of the computer

Types of memory of the computer

Smart electronic machines entered everyday life of the person for a long time and strongly. But, despite this, their device still raises elementary questions at many users. For example, not everyone knows what types of memory of the computer happen. And here everything is not so difficult, though it is not absolutely simple. There are two main versions – internal memory and external which, in turn, have own gradation.

Types of internal memory of the computer

Internal memory is called so because it is built in main units of the computer and is the integral element of a system providing its working capacity. It is impossible to remove or take it without negative consequences. Distinguish its following types:

  • quick – represents a set of the programs and algorithms necessary for work of a miikroprocessor;
  • the cache memory is a peculiar buffer between the RAM and the processor which provides the optimum speed of implementation of system programs;
  • the constant – is put at production of the computer at the plant, tools for control of a condition of the personal computer at each loading enter it; programs which are responsible for start of a system and execution of the main actions; programs of control of a system;
  • semipermanent – comprises data on settings of the concrete personal computer;
  • video memory – in it video fragments which have to be displayed remain, is a part of a video controller.

Types of random access memory of the computer

The speed and intellectual level of the computer in many respects are defined by its random access memory. The data used during active operation of the electronic machine are stored in it. It can also be different types, but DDR, DDR2, DDR3 blocks are most often used. They differ with the number of contacts and high-speed characteristics.

Types of external memory of the computer

External memory of the computer is presented by different types of removable data carriers. Today the main of them are hard drives, usb-stores, or USB sticks and memory cards. Laser disks and diskettes are considered as outdated. But the hard drive, though is removable, nevertheless is used as a receptacle of constant memory and without it the computer will not work. However it can be got and moved freely to other system unit therefore it is referred to category of external devices of memory.

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