As from the friend to become the guy

As from the friend to become the guy

Such sad situation meets: the guy loves the girl, and she they are is not present. More precisely, she treats the young man very kindly, his society is pleasant to her, she willingly accepts from it the help, consults on it, trusts the secrets. In a word, this guy for it – the close friend, but no more. The man asks a question: how to cease to play a role of "the kind girlfriend" and to become the girl's guy true.

1. Difficult situation, especially if you timid and delicate. Education and character do not allow you to open, and various hints for some reason persistently do not reach the girl. It is in that case better to overcome after all shyness and to make frankly to it an avowal of sentiments. As any definiteness is better than ignorance, and hints can not reach still very long. Guys and girls differently perceive the same words, behavior. The girl really can either not notice, or misinterpret efforts of the young man.

2. If after all you cannot decide on it in any way, it is necessary to resort to the help of mutual friends, girlfriends. The girl who heard something it seems: "Well, how it is possible to be such blind person? He is lovesick on you long ago, really do not notice!", can really begin to see clearly and understand that this young man obviously sat up in eternal friends.

3. The same can be made in thinner, veiled form. For example, let the same mutual friend (or the girlfriend) will praise you at the girl. For certain will be for what. With indispensable addition: "Oh, will also carry to that little girl who will fall in love with it!"

4. It is possible to resort also to quite risky, but effective, to a way: to awaken jealousy in the girl. The woman understands that she should start a family sooner or later. So far the guy (in any case, at it) did not show interest in other women, a thought: "And whether he will be a good husband and the father?" could just not come to mind. As soon as such interest is shown, the girl can instinctively start: it that it why he is interested some other when I am near!

5. One more risky, but effective method: it is temporary to disappear from the girl's life. For this purpose it is easy to find a plausible pretext. She got used that you always near it, you can tell, complain about everything, to ask for suggestions, the help. Let now will compare: as it was good with you and as it became uncomfortable, uncomfortable without you.

6. Well, and if the girl frankly lets know that she you not in her taste that she appreciates you as friend, just does not perceive as the man – it is necessary to reconcile to it. "Love cannot be ordered"!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team