As there lives a modern free woman

As there lives a modern free woman

Modern women differ in bigger internal freedom and independence. They do not concede in Something to men, and in some moments even surpass them.


1. Today's women differ in bigger courage, than their predecessors. They are more brave, than before. Women are not afraid of either need, or loneliness. Some of them consciously go on life without husband and children and are not sorry about the choice. Modern girls are confused and become flustered less, they are not so modest, more persistent and persistent in achievement of the vital purposes.

2. The free woman of the present can have the most various life priorities. The husband, children, family, the house, kitchen and a cosiness stopped being for it the main beacons. Now the average girl seeks to promote, to travel, realize more herself. The modern world offers a set of prospects, and the lady who is not burdened with obligations can select a way of life according to the taste.

3. The modern free woman wants to try a lot of things. Different types of sport including extreme, she seeks to master both single combats, and dances are interesting to her. Among hobbies of the girl there can be a learning of foreign languages, various courses allowing to develop in any given sphere different master classes from a vizazh to cookery.

4. An active social role - here that distinguishes the free girl of the present. She does not like to stay at home, tries to visit as much as possible interesting to her cultural events. Concerts, exhibitions, the museums, recitals, clubs, various city festivities and you never know can attract the girl who has no need to spend all evenings with the family.

5. The career worries the modern woman, especially, much if it has no husband and children. To take place as the professional, grow to the head, to collect as much as possible awards, adequately to earn, attend trainings, seminars, courses on professional growth - here that worries the girl of the present.

6. Of course, today's free girl is a lot of time, money and forces spends for own appearance. There is a mass of opportunities to improve the appearance, and the ladies living for themselves try to try the most advanced of them. Home care of a body, a face, hair and nails became more thorough too, than in former decades. As for clothes, footwear and accessories, the modern free woman considers shopping one of favourite entertainments.

7. Some women who do not have the family have pets. The cat it, a dog or other small animal, the girl will pay to it much attention. Such favourite turns out all unspent caress and care and gives to the hostess mutual love and joy.

8. Separately It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell about the relations of the modern free girl with men. She, being a self-sufficient personality, quietly leaves improper representatives of an opposite sex and it is open for communication with new acquaintances. Such woman knows that another will come to replacement to one failed affair, and everything obligatory will be good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team