How to be cold to the person whom you love

How to be cold to the person whom you love

Happens that you do not feel reciprocity from an object of your love, or this person left you. Sometimes, that the relations develop not in the best way, and you understand that it is better for you to leave. In these cases you need to try to forget it.


1. Struggle with feelings. Try not to assume that your thoughts addressed towards darling. Control yourself. Find an object to which it is possible to switch consciousness. For example, as soon as you notice that you think of an object of your love, force themselves to consider the holiday or a style of a new dress.

2. Protect yourself for a while from viewing romantic movies, reading sentimental literature. Instead choose extremely topical fighters and detectives. You will follow the developments and distract from gloomy thoughts and experiences. Besides, do not revise the general photos. There will come time when you are able to examine them without grief, but it is still better not to do it.

3. Plunge into work. Ask the management to give you the new project and plunge into it. There will be no time left to think about favourite simply. Besides, this way can improve your financial position and promote receiving additional experience and career development. Besides, you can be helped by job change. On the new place you anew will study something, will get new friends and acquaintances.

4. Think what can bring you love for this person. Comprehend all pluses and minuses which can give you the unpromising relations or meek feeling. When you a sober view see that it is much more minuses, it will be easier for you to cope with love.

5. Limit communication with darling. You do not call and do not write it without urgent objective need. Try not to meet it. At first it is better for you not to visit mutual friends if there is an emergence probability of responsible for your sufferings there.

6. Set to yourself the object. Think what you want to achieve in life. Understand that the unfortunate love - not all that you have and can be in life. Begin to try to obtain success in other spheres.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team