How to be if you are not pleasant to his parents

How to be if you are not pleasant to his parents

Not always the relations with parents of the soulmate develop as you would like it. Especially if business goes about families with the only child acting through your elect. There are some receptions which can soften negative attitude to you from his parents.


1. Talk to the elect. Do not try to settle the conflict independently, without having consulted to the man. It can lead to unforeseen consequences about which you will regret in the future. Beginning a conversation, do not expose yourself the victim, do not use rough expressions and do not accuse the man. After all, problems in communication at you not with it, and with his parents. Try to understand together as it is possible to solve the arisen difficulties.

2. Meet parents and start straight talk. The neutral territory will be the best option for a meeting. On it you will be on an equal footing, and any of the parties will not be felt more surely or, on the contrary, more weakly. You can make an appointment, having invited to it and the elect. Also such option is possible that your man with you will not be, but he has to be informed on your intentions.

3. Do not begin a conversation with charges. Set the goal consisting in achievement of the agreement accepted for all. Try to designate common interests at once. Show to parents that you also, as well as they, wish well to their son only, convince them that you want to care for him too.

4. Learn about the reason of the spiteful relation of parents to you after the general platform for a conversation is planned. However at first express the fears. You can put emphasis that further development of the relations with their son is extremely important therefore you consider that the friendly atmosphere has to take place and at communication with parents for you.

5. Listen to parents, try to understand what does not suit them. However it does not mean that you have to change well matched to their requirements at once. You should not agree with everything that they will tell only out of politeness. After all, you should live with the elect, but not with them. At the same time, if there are some nuances of which will get rid will not make for you work, report about intention to eliminate them.

6. Come to the general agreement. The solution of the developed problem has to be a result of your conversation. It can consist in revision of any aspects of your communication, in refusal of something, in restriction of time of communication, etc. The more the agreement will satisfy both parties, the it will be simpler to communicate to you further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team