How to carry out on February 14 with darling

How to carry out on February 14 with darling

On February 14 – one of the most disturbing and pleasant days in a year. Because this day it is possible to hear long-awaited declaration of love and to receive a gift pleasant and expensive to heart. This holiday is not similar on any another therefore it wants to be carried out somehow specially.


1. Morning of this remarkable day the favourite guy can begin with sending valetinka, but not stamped of shop, and made own hands. hand-made is a unique thing, more anybody will have no such card. You will be able to put in it all heart and soul, and in the congratulatory message hesitated to pour out all that to it was wanted to be told long ago, but long time.

2. Evening can be spent differently. Everything will depend on your prosperity and degree of originality and ingenuity.

3. If you love active lifestyle, you have small savings, then it is possible to drive on a snowboard or to play snowballs somewhere highly in mountains, and after - to retire to the private room, drinking hot mulled wine and jamming it tasty chocolate or a pudding. Everything depends only on your imagination.

4. The following option is to go to amusement park. Remember the childhood – drive on a Ferris wheel, saddle a pony on a children's roundabout, eat ice cream. You can descend on a skating rink and spend there cheerfully and fervently time. Sometimes it is possible to stay a little mad and happy.

5. If you prefer quiet rest, arrange a romantic dinner at home. Independently prepare dishes, decorate the apartment with hearts, spheres, petals of roses. Do not forget about aromatic candles. Create a cozy intimate situation. Half tone, the muffled light, favourite music. After a dinner it is possible to watch the movie which to both of you to liking. During its viewing you can make to the elect the weakening massage which will not leave him indifferent.

6. If you have any talents, for example, drawing, playing a piano or a guitar, poetastering, then it is possible to try to draw his portrait, to write verses, to set them to music, and to play the song a musical instrument. This, really, will be for it the real surprise and pleasant surprise.

7. If both of you are inveterate theater-goers, then this day it is possible to go to theater to look at romantic statement or the performance which was already so fallen in love to you.

8. If you are the people recognizing club and glamourous life, then this magic night you can go to club where the cool DJ will play and to spend this evening, dancing to exhaustion on a dance floor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team