How to find a common language with the daughter

How to find a common language with the daughter

No matter, how many years of your daughter - 1 year, 13 or 30 years, the meaning of disobedience, negativism or a protest are that the child wants to show to parents the maturity and independence.


1. Respect the daughter, you are proud, you always speak about the love for it, even at the moments of disobedience and a whim, but at the same time focus attention that its unseemly acts and words cause you severe mental anguish, and therefore punishment is a consequence of such behavior.

2. If the attention of the kid of 1-5 years can be distracted from whims on other area of interests, the younger school student to force to obey to requirements of parents, then from the teenager many do not know what to expect. It is necessary only to wait when hormones settle" and to send the girl to the necessary direction. But at the same time constantly be interested in its affairs sincerely, but not for "tick".

3. For example, the daughter is painted in 10 years – teach to use children's cosmetics; carries only fashion expensive brands – employ during vacation or give the list of obligatory affairs with the price list of payment; painted walls and a disorder in the room – it is necessary to reconcile, its territory, but in other rooms of the apartment has to be ideal purity.

4. Before making the decision on punishment, try to understand the reason of any given behavior of the child. Sometimes behind children's offense the noble motive lies, but because of short-sightedness and maximalism of the child next "mucks" turn out. For example, to please mother, the daughter for the first time prepared a biscuit, having taken the last 25 eggs and half-bottles of wine and having soiled kitchen to a disgrace.

5. The bans will also not lead to anything, and will only warm up children's curiosity therefore answer all questions of the child sincerely and in detail. You remember while the girl asks questions, so something for her not clearly if switches the attention to other interests, so the question is exhausted. By the way, your child can receive answers to the questions from other persons, but where a guarantee that this information will not do to the baby harm.

6. If the girl defends the territory, then she in principle is right, then together make the charter where you will register the rights and duties of each of the family member and also penalties for breach of contract. For example, for excellent progress in the course of all academic year the daughter is awarded with the permit to the sea, and bad marks in a year will bring to the labor camp.

7. Take for the rule to be interested every evening in affairs of each other, to help a word and acts, to share family problems. The child who is included in family life lives problems of the parents, will hurt them less. For example, the daughter will not ask a new fur coat, knowing that the father was reduced at work, or will undertake household chores, knowing that mother after operation cannot work too much half a year.

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