How to forget the ex-husband

How to forget the ex-husband

If you left the ex-husband, in life there came psychological and sincere crisis, then it needs to be worried and overcome. In order that it occurred, it is necessary to make some efforts. Desire to forget former feelings and the relations has to be maintained by logic, but not emotions.


1. Being in authorities feelings and emotions, it is possible to remember only all good that was in your relations. But, if people leave, that is on that the reason. Logically think and whether there was a chance to stay together and whether it is necessary to you?

2. The first that it is necessary to make, restore a self-assessment. For this purpose you have to look good and feel well. The hairdressing salon, salon of fashionable clothes, gym, the pool is the best assistants. Put yourself in full order. It helps to order thoughts and feelings.

3. Release fault and offense. It will not allow to construct the new relations. Having released these feelings, you will become strong and self-sufficient.

4. Be not dipped with the head into household problems and into education of children. Meet friends, communicate, you leave the house. Sitting within four walls, it is impossible to forget anything. It is necessary to have a good time and distract.

5. Learn to live in the present and future. What happened not to return and not to correct, and life goes on. The world did not fail, at you still ahead. Tests are given only what be able to overcome.

6. To forget, the relations need to be released. Be ready to the new relations. Without having released the past, it is impossible to have the future.

7. Time – your best assistant. It helps to forget everything, dulls the most acute pain. Not for nothing say that time heals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team