How to get divorced from husband

How to get divorced from husband

The decision on a divorce, especially when in family is children, will never be a lung. But when your marriage already became obsolete and you understood that not to return former feelings any more and your husband became for you foreign person then it is not necessary to pull. If you decided on a divorce with the husband, then try that this process was civilized, it will allow you to preserve many forces, nerves and to prevent emergence of early wrinkles.


1. Learn to agree. Time the decision on a divorce is made, begin to treat the husband as the stranger. You will not begin to shout and swear, roll up hysterics and to row to the stranger. Behave with him just as with the fellow worker.

2. Make that list of issues which will be resolved at a divorce. If you do not make it in common, all issues will be resolved by court and this decision can not suit neither you, nor your former. Write the offers on the section of property and on payment of children maintenance, the questions connected with their further education. Too write the possible answers on these questions. Remember whether was at you obligations to banks or other monetary loans, specify options of their repayment. If in joint use there is a part of jointly acquired property, for example, a country house, then write the schedule of use to them, but make the schedule only for yourself.

3. Show this list to the husband if it has any objections, discuss them, listen quietly to his arguments and think whether it is possible to meet requirements of him. If its offer is unacceptable, then look for in common a compromise.

4. Discuss with it what to tell children about your divorce, resolve issues when children see the father. Agree about never to adjust children against each other and at their presence it is never bad to speak of the former spouse.

5. If you did joint business, think whether you are ready further to continue to work together if you had rage and offense, then, of course, to sense from such work will not be any more, it will be better if someone from you refuses to continue cooperation, having taken the share. Do not act under the influence of rage and hatred, try to be indifferent, composure – the best adviser in this disease process.

6. Do not torment yourself with sense of guilt, two divorced are always guilty. Remember that life goes on and, maybe, after a while you will understand that this procedure, but this the best would not be difficult that happened to you lately.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team