How to induce the guy to take the first step

How to induce the guy to take the first step

Sometimes, having come to be in the heterosexual company, it is possible to come up against a paradoxical situation. Indoors there can be the whole crowd of beauties, but the men's initiative will avoid them. Having looked round, it is possible to find out that all guys, from "alpha males" to botanists, are directly turned in marriage dance around absolutely inconspicuous young lady. The solution of similar situations is simple: such ladies know how to draw to themselves attention of an opposite sex. These women can without effort induce the guy to take the first step.


1. When the woman is sure of the beauty and appeal to an opposite sex, she unconsciously sends certain nonverbal signals of all this to surrounding people. Men do not pass by such women even if actually, there is nothing special in them. Therefore to induce the guy to take the first step, be sure of the irresistibility!

2. But it is not enough to be sure of the sexuality, it is necessary to show to this specific man that he is interesting to you. Some men, seeing the attractive woman, begin to become flustered, hesitate and hide the head in sand. That guys not "made legs" from you, by means of certain gestures, show that the man is interesting to you. These are traditional ways of seducing, for example, a case turn towards the gentleman, a low timbre of a voice and also other receptions known to all women.

3. Interest the young man in yourself. Stand out from the crowd of women who surround this man, some highlight in appearance or an interesting hobby. If the girl is not interesting to the guy, he will have no desire to take the first step. Communicating at the slightest pretext, try to find "common ground", that the general that can connect you. The guy will surely show an initiative, having understood as there is a lot of at you the general.

4. A paradox, but we value more often those people for whom we do a lot of good, kind and useful. A sin not to use also it to induce the man to take the first step. Prove to be the womanly, fragile person who needs the help and protection. You ask the man about the help. But do not go too far with the helplessness not to lose independence and also not to seem the little girl.

5. Independence of the woman, her inaccessibility – one of the powerful incentives inducing men to manifestation of an initiative. Be not available to the man at any time, be not imposed to him, then, to be with you, he should take "first steps" over and over again.

6. If you have already more global purposes, than acquaintance at the initiative of the guy or the beginning of the relations, it is possible to use couple more of receptions. If you want to receive proposal, become for it irreplaceable. Let it will be some certain things which only you can make for it. The man has to see that with you to him it is good, and without you can become bad. Then he will be afraid to lose you therefore he will surely take the first step towards marriage.

7. One more obstacle in a way to conjugal ties is a men's fear of loss of freedom. Do not attach the man to yourself, give him freedom of action, do not force to report for each step and also do not control each its action, sponsoring the guy as real "mummy".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team