How to settle the family conflict

How to settle the family conflict

The conflict in each group – an everyday occurrence. The family is a little group in which each person has interests, requirements. Also there are common interests rather coincident. When requirements someone from family are ignored, he begins to assert the rights and to try to restore balance in relation to itself(himself). But then there is a distortion in the family group because all already so got used. From there is a conflict – a discrepancy of interests.


1. Means to settle the conflict – it is necessary to restore balance for family in general and separately for each person in it. Usually, after the taken place conflict, some of the parties takes offense, or both. And sometimes people with each other long do not talk. But it is important, to sit down at the negotiating table. Perhaps, not at once, and after a while. And to discuss what occurred.

2. Sit down at the negotiating table. It is important to arrange a negotiating table informally. You will choose time and the place when all family gathers. Also it is possible to discuss family issues quietly.

3. Try to create constructive dialogue. To tell about what became painful without offenses and charges. If on the person throw out charges, then he begins to be protected. And then the conversation passes instead of discussion into a verbal sparring.

4. Resolve issues, but do not throw out at each other a heap of charges. To resolve issues is to look for the joint decision to some household problem. There are two reefs. Someone can fall down in charges, and someone to wallow in shifting of responsibility for good reason on shoulders of other family member. It is important to depart from offenses and to look at a situation as a problem which you solve your team.

5. It is important to listen to the partner and not to interrupt until so far he will not tell everything. It is not necessary to insert the caustic remarks. Just listen carefully. It is desirable to make the same that is done by psychologists on consultation. To tell – I heard you, you told … and to retell what was told by the partner. It is important for two reasons. When you return to the partner of his word – he realizes that he told and what you understood from his words. And you more it listen carefully.

6. Fix arrangements and observe them. After the conversation, it is important to understand whether the conflict is settled. Whether dealt with all offenses. And the most important that you will do next. For example who and when takes away the child from kindergarten. And as you warn each other if you suddenly are not able to make it.

7. Let in your family there will be a world and wellbeing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team