Men's psychology in the relations

Men's psychology in the relations

Many women ask a question – whether men are capable to love? He can be met also in various sources of psychological literature. However nevertheless nobody gives definite answer. Men and women of a being mentalities, absolutely opposite on structure, and views of the world around. The only thing what it is possible not to doubt, this ability of men to feel. Just each man worries and shows the feelings differently. This manifestation depends on how there passed the man's childhood. As a rule, each boy at least once heard a phrase from mother: Do not cry, do not behave as the girl. You have to be strong, you are a man. Then the boy went to kindergarten where most of female tutors. At school the situation also almost did not change. Most of teachers presently – women. After such enormous suppression of boyish mentality, it is not surprising that men cease to express the emotions and feelings.

The psychology of guys in the relations often differs markedly from that which appears over the years and experience. Young people in the relationship with girls most often are guided by the instincts put by the nature. And if here to add puberty, then we will receive a classical picture at all – guys who in most cases look for the girl for the sake of satisfaction of a sexual instinct and to a lesser extent capable of the sensual long-term relations. For this reason pikaper for whom the relation no more than a game of hormones and aspiration to prove surrounding the viability so often occur among young people.

The psychology of adult men in the relations differs markedly from that easy form which was in youth. Relationship with the beloved at the man depends on how in the childhood he got on with the mother. There is a popular belief that women choose the men similar to the fathers, and men choose women similar to mother. If mother taught the man to be respectful to people around, then and he will respect and appreciate the companion. If being a boy, he heard continuous reproaches and criticism in the address, then the companion of it is doomed to be some kind of outlet and an object of a vymeshcheniye of the children's offenses which are carried by through all life. However search of the woman similar to mother, does not mean that men love when they are excessively sponsored and watch each their step. The main thing for them is to feel favourite and necessary and also know that it is perceived such what it is, with all habits and shortcomings. As for manifestation of feelings, the true attitude towards the beloved at the man is hidden deeply in soul. By nature emotional it is rather difficult to woman, being to accept the fact that the behavior of the man can be other and from outside he can seem indifferent. Actually the love of the man is not words and emotions. First of all are acts. Their feelings are expressed in care, gifts and attention. Any hints, flirtation, views and smiles towards other woman are not perceived by the man as a serious reason for a quarrel from the beloved. However if flirtation develops into something bigger, then in most cases unfaithfulness will not manage to be avoided.

Men's psychology concerning the mistress

As a rule, the fate become the mistress of the married man of the woman is diligently avoided. Also do it not for nothing. Situations, of course, are various, but in most cases chances that the man will desert family and the adjusted life for the sake of the new relations are very small. As psychologists and other experts consider, the relations on the party are got by those men who have problems. Men less women are ready to work on the relations and to correct misunderstanding and the conflicts. As soon as in family and in relationship with the wife problems begin, the man looks for a way out in new occupation, in alcohol, or begins to think of treason. And the mistress is perceived mostly as an outlet, and the man does not intend to throw the wife. Much more him lungs arrange with nothing the complicated sexual entertainments which amuse vanity, bring a variety which does not get in family and sharpness of feelings because forbidden fruit is sweetest his life. With rare exception the attitude towards the mistress becomes so serious that the man crosses out all life and begins to make plans already with the new woman. In a usual situation, such love triangle can exist long enough. As a rule, until one of women bothers to divide the man. With rare exception both ladies will begin to tolerate its incorrectness.

Psychology of the relations between men

Special attention began to be paid to psychology of the relations between men recently. About women and female friendship various stories and jokes go for a long time. As for male friendship and other relationship, this subject is for some reason studied a little. And quashed since the childhood of emotion and feelings contribute to the development in men of various neurosises and other diseases of mentality. All types of the relations between men can be presented in the form of small classification:

  • working relationship. This category is the most widespread. Most often senior positions are held by men. Therefore they can build up the relationship as business - partners, colleagues, chiefs and subordinates;
  • friendly relationship. Male friendship, as we know, is stronger women's, and most often in life is on the first place. Friends and friends quite often become a reason for quarrels at married couples. Because all experiences happen in the man's soul, that association and friendship are always taken very much to heart. And for the sake of the friend the man is capable to tear literally on himself the last shirt;
  • men's rivalry. To consider other person as the rival, it is put in men by the nature. Such behavior is dictated by desire to be stronger and to deserve the authority at people around. Rivalry between men happens almost in all life situations. Whether it be the relations, or a situation concerning career.
  • love relationship. Considering a current trend in same-sex love, today proximity between men of nobody any more surprises. However, such relations are in advance doomed, but they open for both partners new sides of love.

Unfortunately, psychologists find not enough time for studying men's mentality. The stereotypes which developed for centuries direct public opinion. Relationship of people leans on stamps, but not uniqueness of the personality. It is possible if since the childhood of men bring up without suppressing their emotions, then the new generation of the stronger sex will become essentially other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team