As is much and not to get fat

As is much and not to get fat

The huge number of people around the world have excess body weight. And they try to limit themselves in food, play sports and take the drugs for weight loss, but the long-awaited result doesn't come. However there are also people who are able to afford any dishes in the large number, but they for some reason don't gain weight.


1. Eat variously. The organism shouldn't get used to the same products. Try to enter vegetables, fruit, nuts, greens, dairy products into the diet. If you variously eat, then it will be more difficult to you to gain weight.

2. Improve the metabolism. Don't refuse breakfasts, they have to be dense and useful. For breakfast you can eat everything that you want. Paradoxically, but it will only add to you symmetry. Daily drink 2-4 cups of green tea, this drink improves the metabolism and promotes weight loss. In day you have to drink also about two liters of usual boiled or mineral water. It will help to accelerate metabolism too.

3. If you have no problems with pressure and the stomach, eat as often as possible grapefruit. It contains the substances helping to get rid of excess weight. Before each meal eat the half of this fruit and eat so much how many want.

4. Carefully chew food, it will help to be sated quicker and will improve the metabolism. At meal time be not distracted by the TV, the computer or newspapers.

5. Eat often. If you hesitate with meal, the organism decides that hard times came, and begins to lay weight in store. And if you begin to receive regularly food, all calories will begin to be spent at receipt in the organism, and you won't recover.

6. Eat the correct food. Boiled chicken meat it is possible to eat as is wished much, from it you will hardly recover. And small hamburger can be laid on your body by the couple of extra kilos. Therefore begin to cook for yourself useful dishes which can be eaten in any quantity. Refuse fat sauces, caramel, fat, fast food and other harmful products.

7. Regularly play sports. If you burn all received calories, you will never gain excess weight. Choose that sport which is pleasant to you more. It can be swimming, run, yoga, aerobics, exercises with the jump rope, heavy or track and field athletics. Spend daily about 30 minutes for sport that won't recover.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team