Food after the training

Food after the training

To receive the maximum advantage of the training, it is necessary not only to give all the best in the hall, but also to think of what to eat after it.

During the training there is the intensive burning of calories. For the figure sport – the best prevention of excess weight. It is possible to keep to diets, but to lose at the same time only muscle bulk, and it is possible to spend daily hour in the gym or in the pool, and soon you will say goodbye to fat. It is explained by what each 7.000 kcal is 1 kilogram of weight and if expenditure of calories is less, than their consumption, be ready to recover. The logical question comes to mind: and if isn't absolutely, then it is how possible to lose weight? Average loss of weight after day of water starvation is about 1 kg, but after 10 days you will be able to faint only, and here kilograms won't leave already anywhere. Cruel diets and hunger slow down the metabolism, and, respectively, the organism will spend less energy. Having a little dealt with metabolism, we see that the best option for improvement of the body is the sport and healthy food.

Having finished studying according to the program in the gym and having come back home, there is quite expected and healthy feeling of hunger. If you worry that, eating something after the persistent training, you will gather again that threw off, then you shouldn't think of it. In the same way to you it isn't necessary and to satisfy hunger by the first that will come to hand. If you have the serious purpose to get rid of fat or to build muscles, then it is necessary to approach what you eat not less seriously. To gain the maximum effect of the training, it is necessary to sate itself with calories with the necessary combination of proteins and carbohydrates. From what it is necessary to refuse after the training so it unhealthy food with fats and sugar.

That to proteins and carbohydrates then it should be notedit should be noted that it is necessary to use them the next thirty minutes after worked. During this period there comes the moment when it is possible to choose products with rather high glycemic index, that is to use plain carbohydrates. It is necessary for activation of growth of muscles and recuperation. Carbohydrates are simply necessary for us for muscles, if not to fill their balance, then destruction of muscle tissues will begin. As for proteins, after the gym it is recommended to drink protein cocktail with fast protein. In that case the speed of synthesis of protein increases approximately three times if to compare to hunger after the training.

If you pursue the aim not to gain muscle bulk, and to lose weight, then rules of food change a little. To lose weight after loadings, it is necessary to wait before the following meal not less than one hour. It easily is explained by the fact that with meal the energy eliminating need to spend own fats arrives. The distinction also is that at the second option it is possible not to use protein cocktail. It is necessary to remember that after the physical training it is desirable to exclude everything that contains caffeine: coffee, cocoa, green tea and any chocolate bar. In more detail to see the picture of the resolved food, we will look at what it is also necessary to refuse.

Crude and boiled vegetables

Why, it would seem? But it is actually very easy to explain why vegetables aren't suitable for food after the training. They contain small amount of fats that is plus, but also and the small number of calories that, respectively, there is minus. At the shortage of calories it won't turn out to restore forces and to support healthy metabolism. Besides vegetables have insufficient amount of protein for such a case, and protein is necessary after the training.


After the exercise stress it is necessary to refuse to itself consumption of various salty food. Salty food, for example, chips, can lead to decrease in potassium. Potassium is vital mineral substance for cellular functions of all organism.


To regret, but sweets get under the ban too. However, in it there is nothing surprising. The milk chocolate and candies containing a lot of sugar and calories are useless food after the gym hall as don't contain anything that could be useful to the organism after the persistent training. Of course, dark chocolate (not less than 70% of cocoa), has useful antioxidants, but you shouldn't eat it after persistent works on exercise machines.

Fast food or products with the high content of fat

Understood the fact that French fries and hamburgers will never bring benefit, and not just after the training is by itself. Of course, pizza and hot dogs easily will satisfy your appetite and will give more than forces, but in that case you will nullify all those heavy works in the hall. Fats only slow down digestion, and the exact contrast of it is necessary for you. So we declare fast food the enemy No 1 for the beautiful figure irrespective of, you were engaged just or isn't present.

After such long list of the bans there is the question: and what it is possible to eat after the training? This list will be shorter, but it is much more useful.

1) Proteinaceous food. The necessary quantity of the protein after the training is about 20-30 g. After the gym hall you are able to afford to eat omelet with low-fat meat. Cottage cheese, low-fat fish, the bird and boiled eggs is also resolved.

2) Carbohydrate products. The necessary amount of carbohydrates is 70-100 g. Porridges are resolved: buckwheat, oat, pearl-barley, wheat. It is also possible to eat white rice or pasta from firm grades of wheat. In small amounts it is possible honey and, of course, fresh juice, bananas and bread (otrubny).

What aim you wouldn't pursue in the hall: the set of weight or loss of fat - you remember that food after the training is as important as directly occupations. And that efforts weren't in vain, balance the diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team