How to do fitness at pregnancy

How to do fitness at pregnancy

Sometimes future mothers are called by "crystal vases". And it is correct, in the woman there lives the tiny and weak little man. But it doesn't mean at all that pregnant women can't play sports. The exercise stress is obligatory during incubation of the baby, it prepares the organism for childbirth.

During pregnancy it is necessary to play sports. The fitness helps to control arterial blood pressure and level of sugar in blood, prepares muscles and sheaves for serious loadings, normalizes weight. Researches prove that women who during pregnancy did any given sport gave birth easier. They had more weak and short contractions and if there was the need of Cesarean section, rehabilitation term at them was shorter.

But, of course, not all occupations are suitable for future mothers. For example, pregnant women have the opinion that during incubation of the baby trips by bicycle are useful. But actually this occupation is strictly forbidden since it is very injury-causing sport. At pregnant women because of change of the blood-groove also reaction speed changes. I.e. the woman in situation steers bicycle much worse and can fall even on the equal track. And any trauma threatens with problems with the child.

It is also not desirable to swing the press, to carry out abrupt movements and to raise weights. But all other exercises can be performed, however, slowly and quietly. For example, it is possible to do bendings, turns, squats, arms swings and legs. Between occupations there has to be the break at least 24 hours. 2-3 times a week 40-60 minutes are the best of all to do fitness. To prepare the organism for childbirth, it is necessary to carry out the certain set of exercises. It is possible to make it independently or by means of the instructor. Before the trainings it is the best of all to consult to the attending physician, all pregnancies aren't similar at each other. And, perhaps, you have any contraindications. The complex of occupations has to include exercises for development of the following muscles: stomach, back, pelvic bottom. It is also desirable to perform the operations directed to improvement of coordination of movement, to prevention of flat-footedness and to do respiratory gymnastics. Of course, occupations shouldn't be directed to loss of weight. Your task is to strengthen muscles, to prepare them for childbirth.

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