How to pump up muscles of legs to girls

How to pump up muscles of legs to girls

Harmonious women's legs not without reason are considered as the real trap for men. Any man won't remain indifferent at the sight of this part of the women's body. Legs tightened and beautiful will help to do special exercises.

1. Squats of "plie" help to tighten the internal surface of hips and the buttock. Get up directly, having placed legs is slightly wider than shoulders, put hands on the belt. Develop feet so that socks looked in the opposite directions. On the breath sit down as it is possible more deeply, parting knees in the parties. Having recorded situation, return to the initial position. It is possible to improve result by means of additional burdening. Take rather heavy dumbbell both hands and lower it between hips. Execute 2 approaches till 10-20 of repetitions.

2. Classical squats will help to strengthen the back surface of the hip. Put legs on width of shoulders, lower hands, having completely straightened them in elbow joints. Begin to squat smoothly, at the same time raising hands before themselves to breast level. In the lower point of exercise of the hip have to are parallel to the floor. Return to the home position and make the necessary number of repetitions. During performance of exercise you watch that knees looked strictly forward.

3. It is possible to make legs harmonious and tightened by means of lunges. Start position: get up directly, feet are parallel and practically concern each other. If you perform exercise without additional burdening, then put arms on hips. Lunges with dumbbells are more effective: take apparatuses with the optimum weight and lower hands to hips. Take the step forward the right leg, transferring the center of gravity to foot. Without making pauses, sit down on it so that the knee of the left leg practically touched the floor, and right — was at the level of the sock. The elastic movement make a start from the floor and return to the home position. Then repeat lunge by the left leg. Make 2 approaches till 10-25 of repetitions for each leg.

4. For performance of the following exercise get up on all fours, having put emphasis on knees and the hands bent in elbows. Raise the right leg, at the same time straightening it so that the hip formed the flat line with the torso. Begin to carry out intensive upward swings, trying to move the leg with the maximum range. Make 2 approaches till 20-25 of repetitions for each leg.

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