Inosine in bodybuilding: dosage, instruction for application

Inosine in bodybuilding: dosage, instruction for application

For giving of a beautiful form the bodybuilders and powerlifters take various drugs — carry to them orotat potassium, to asparka, agapurin, tamoxifen and many others. All of them are directed to maintenance of a beautiful form and fast restoration after the heavy and exhausting training. In this article we will talk about such substance as inosine. You learn how it influences an organism of the athlete and what harm can do.

What is inosine

It is medicine of anabolic group which prevents arrhythmia and a hypoxia. Getting to an organism, it:

  • intensifies metabolism of organic ketonic acid which provides normal woven and respiratory process;
  • positively affects exchange process which takes place in a myocardium;
  • improves balance of energy of cages;
  • stimulates nucleotide synthesis;
  • increases activity of the enzymes participating in a cycle of citric acid or Krebs's cycle (process during which energy stocks up and connections necessary to a cage are created).

It is appointed to people with coronary heart disease (for example, at stenocardia or in a postinfarctive state), violation of a warm rhythm and at other diseases of heart which are connected with work of a myocardium.

This medicine is applied in the preventive purposes at radiation of cancer patients when the level of leukocytes in blood considerably decreases, and for improvement of sight at limfotropny therapy.

For the sphere of bodybuilding inosine (other name of inosine) is metabolic medicine which increases power balance in muscles.

Whether you know? Before the requirement to the medicines used by athletes were much less strict because of obscurity of some side effects of drugs. So, for example, Arnold Shvartsneger at the beginning of the career accepted nandrolon, primobolan and metandrostenolon. And it did not prevent to win officially those years the titles Mr. Olympia and Mr. Vselennaya.

As influences an organism and why it is necessary in bodybuilding

Inosine was widely used by the Soviet athletes since 70th years of the last century. At that time was considered that it helps to improve sporting achievements. However more detailed study of this medicine did not reveal direct dependence between improvement of sports results and the use of inosine. At present medicine is considered nonsteroid anabolic steroid. Application of any means demands the preliminary analysis of its useful qualities, side effects and contraindications. Let's consider inosine in more detail.

Recommend to apply it in the following cases:

  • in the preventive purposes that the exchange complex of biochemical reactions which take place in cages at big loadings was not broken;
  • at weakness of cardiac muscles;
  • at violation of a rhythm of heart beat;
  • at violation of work of a liver as a result of medicinal poisoning;
  • at ulcer diseases of a stomach and hepatitis.

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This medicine has 3 versions of the name at the same structure: inosine, ribonozin and inosine. All of them have the following effect on an organism of athletes:

  • being one of purine derivatives inosine acts as a serious power source in sport.
  • facilitates work of a myocardium;
  • improves coronary blood circulation due to expansion of vessels;
  • increases ability of hemoglobin to transfer oxygen;
  • stimulates release of insulin that simplifies digestion of carbohydrates;
  • facilitates transferring by an organism a lack of oxygen;
  • acts as a peculiar recovery material which ties the injured and healthy nervous cells of a head and spinal cord.

Important! Inosine actively was applied in weightlifting in the 70th years of the XX century, however in 1999 the clinical trials conducted by J. Tarr, B. Dalton and L. MakNauton showed that use of medicine in itself does not lead to acceleration of growth of muscle bulk.

It is also considered to be what ribonozin promotes transportation of oxygen on the way from lungs to cages. However as proved scientific research, on the example of athletes, it does not influence oxygen consumption in any way. The scientific experiment on 9 runners was made. All participants were divided into 2 groups. One of which accepted inosine within 3 days (on 2 g a day), and another accepted placebo. After a course in 3 days of all participants asked to pass a running in 3 km. By results scientists could not reveal the essential differences between athletes taking this drug from other group.

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Contraindications and side effects

It is possible to distinguish a few points which are shown very seldom from side effects:

  1. itch;
  2. delay of pulse (bradycardia);
  3. increase in inflow of blood to integuments;
  4. at the long use of medicine there is a probability of exacerbation of gout.

For some athletes the use of this medicine can negatively affect the level of uric acid which is an inosine metabolism by-product. At increase in this indicator, unpleasant painful symptoms are often observed and can even lead to development of gout, arthritis of joints and fingers. It is not necessary to apply inosine in such cases:

  1. individual intolerance of components of medicine;
  2. at gout;
  3. at diseases of barrels;
  4. it is forbidden to use inosine together with alcohol.

If there is an allergy to this medicine, then it immediately should be cancelled. Alcohol and inosine are two incompatible things, just as alcohol and sport. Such combination can lead to serious negative consequences.

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How to drink: method of application and doses

Inosine and bodybuilding connect not so much efficiency of this medicine in sporting achievements how many the recommendation of more experienced athletes. At the expense of a so-called gossip hotline many also begin to apply it.

Most often athletes take this medicine after a rate of anabolic steroids. It is connected with the fact that it positively influences a liver as has hepatoprotective properties. Inosine in drugstores can be met both in tablets, and in the form of injections. For athletes the most optimum form of release is tablets. Doctors do not recommend to use injections though the possible effect of such application will be big.

It is necessary to use inosine prior to the beginning of a meal. For bodybuilders the recommended daily dosage should not exceed 1.5-2.5 g. For sportswomen who decided to use this medicine at the beginning of a course the daily dose should be limited up to 0.6-0.8 g, using it for 3 receptions.

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These days it is necessary to pay special attention to possible side effects. If they are not shown, the norm can be increased to 2.5 g. Inosine is usually applied a course of 1 month to 3.

More experienced athletes recommend to apply Inosine in a complex with Asparkam who supplies heart with magnesium and potassium. At a lack of these substances of an organism there can be spasms. Applying such complex in the course of increased load on muscles you not only protect yourself from unpleasant feelings, but also you will provide the organism with necessary substances for normal functioning. Asparkam it is possible to replace with more expensive analog — Panangin.

Important! Some medicines which are used by athletes as sports food can contain inosine therefore they need to study attentively their structure and to adjust a dosage according to standard daily rate.

At the shortage of potassium, doctors recommend to accept in a complex Riboksin and Orotat of potassium. The lack of potassium is followed by weakness and spasms in muscles, a lowering of arterial pressure.

How scientists tried to prove inefficiency of use of this medicine in sport, however, its popularity and an obsuzhdayemost only grows in sports circles. Such popularity is explained by the fact that many athletes can brag of its efficiency on a personal example. And such advertizing only increases demand for Inosine. To accept it proceeding from the recommendations of skilled bodybuilders, or nevertheless to believe scientific community and to refuse this medicine — to solve to you. However before application it is better to consult with the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team