What types of push-ups on bars exist

What types of push-ups on bars exist

To receive the beautiful and relief body, it is optional to register in gym. The stock necessary for this purpose, it is possible to find practically in any yard, for example, horizontal bars. Dumbbells and posts can be placed at home. But except them there is such sports the stock as bars.

Bars represent two parallel horizontally located pipes attached to four horizontal stances. They are intended generally for strengthening of muscles of the breast and tricepses.

Technology of performance of the main bar exercises is rather simple. The home position - between bars on the straightened hands. Palms look inside. On the breath begin to bend slowly hands in elbows, falling down. But you shouldn't fall too low. There is the risk of injury of shoulder joints. After smoothly rise up. At the time of the largest tension make the exhalation. It is important to remember that, as well as in pullings up or push-ups, it is necessary to work for correctness and quality, but not for quantity. It is possible to make 10 times and not to receive due result.

If it is necessary to make big load of breast muscles, then it is only necessary to incline slightly the case forward, to place elbows in different directions and to bend legs in knees. It isn't necessary to part elbow joints more widely than by 45 degrees. For obtaining bigger effect it is worth being engaged on wide bars. To increase loading of bicepses, hands need to be pressed to the case. For this purpose it is possible to perform exercise on narrow bars. At the same time bending of the case has to be minimum, and legs – are straightened. Anyway it is necessary to be engaged slowly, to completely bend and straighten hands. Everyone chooses the number of approaches individually, but it is desirable to carry out before total refusal. If you lack usual exercises, then think of additional loading. But you remember that for the breast it is necessary to hang up weight in front, and for the biceps – behind.

After performance of the main exercises it is possible to make partial push-ups. For this purpose it is necessary to fall not up to the end. And it is desirable to involve those groups of muscles which were tired insufficiently. Fall to the half of the way then come back. Also there are forced push-ups. For this purpose you need the help of the friend or coach. When you reach the maximum, ask it to help you to make some more repetitions. To execute so-called negative push-ups, it is necessary to use additional cargo. For a start it is worth calculating weight to execute 5 repetitions. Receive the home position. Fall slowly as there is the risk of injury of joints. Again don't try to perform exercises independently.

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