When it is possible to lose weight if to run every day

When it is possible to lose weight if to run every day

To put the figure in order, women and girls use different methods and means. Someone chooses rigid diets, someone takes the drugs for combustion of fats, and someone begins to play sports.

Advantage of jogs

Run – one of the most popular sports in the world. It tones up the cardiovascular system, stimulates the metabolism, gathers the speed, force, coordination, endurance. Occupations force to work with run all muscles of the body, as much as possible to spend the saved-up calories.

Nutritionists counted to lose weight by 1 kilogram it is necessary that the organism spent 5400 kcal. For standard hour jog 1000 kcal burn down on average. Therefore, that 1 kilogram of fat left, it is necessary to make jog of 5 times a week, then in the month the weight will decrease on average by 4 kilograms.

Big advantages of run as way to lose weight – can be eaten everything what is wantedwhat is wanted, it is natural in reasonable quantities.

There is other version of the schedule of jogs. Morning jog can be not hour, and, for example, one and a half hour. Occupations run accelerate the metabolism, calories burn down anyway, that is in 1.5 hours more calories, than for the hour will burn down.

Therefore, to dump the same 4 kilograms it will be necessary to run 3-4 times a week. Food remains the same.

Rules of jogs

Effectively to grow thin, being engaged only in run it is necessary to remember several rules. Run since morning - the most effective. At morning jogs the intensive metabolism in the organism is started for all day. Begin to play sports from small loadings (for example, from jogging). Before the training surely warm up, you awake the organism. It is recommended to beginners to run the first 1-2 trainings no more than 15-20 minutes strongly not to load the cardiovascular system. Remember that regularity and systematicity – the main thing in sport. If to run periodically, occasionally, most likely, it won't yield any results. Trainings have to take place at least 3 times a week, and only on the hungry stomach. For certain you know that the clothes for run are chosen the most convenient. Buy only that form which won't prevent gestures. The important point – footwear. It has to be comfortable, easy. At run on asphalt, racetracks the sole of sneakers has to be soft and thick in order to avoid injuries of knees and feet as the greatest loading goes on them. Playing sports, surely you breathe through the mouth, move naturally, professional technicians of run aren't suitable for fans. If your organism during the training demands water – drink, it is only a little also small drinks. Occupation run positively affects the emotional state, improves mood, results in harmony with the body, gives the energy charge for all day. Weight loss by means of run is very real, the main thing, try to be adjusted and achieve result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team