As it is beautiful to style long hair

As it is beautiful to style long hair

Long hair – natural ornament. Their happy owner can look every day in a new way, at the same time it is possible to do original hair, perhaps, even quicker, than from short hair.

Basis of many hairstyles from long hair is the braid. Options of various braids is thought up very much. It and usual braids from three locks, and the French braid, and fish tail, both the Ukrainian braid, and various plaits. To do effective hair on the basis of the ordinary spit, hairpins, scrunchy and the curling iron will be necessary. Well comb hair, and then comb on one party. Begin to do plait from temple, stacking it parallel to the imagined parting in the middle.

Braid up to the end also tighten Dopletite elastic band. Lay from the beginning of weaving to nape, bend, lay the second part from nape to the second temple. The beginning and the end of braid have to be symmetrized concerning the imagined parting in the middle. Fix braid by hairpins. Twirl the end abrupt curl.

The elastic band can be closed effective hairpin.

Similar laying can be made of plait. Just as in the first case, comb hair on one party. Weave braid, but only not out of three, and out of two locks. Lay plait horseshoe from the beginning of weaving to nape, then to the second temple. Fix hairstyle by hairpins. The tip of braid can be twisted or hidden under plait.

To weave plait, divide hair into 2 locks. Wind one lock around another on all length of hair.

Curved part of horseshoe can be not only on nape, but also on forehead. Peculiar crown which especially effectively looks on thick hair will turn out. Comb hair on one party, but begin to spin braid or plait not in front, and from nape. Respectively, and it is necessary to stack it from nape to forehead. Lay horseshoe, and lay the rest of braid from forehead to nape and pin up. It is possible to decorate such hairstyle with one or two crests, and it is possible to arrange them somehow. For example, the only crest can be thrust sideways. Two jewelry it is possible to arrange on the right and at the left or in front and behind. On long hair babette effectively looks. To do hair obliged by the popularity to the French movie The Babette Takes the Field large hair curlers and hard elastic band are necessary. Collect hair in bunch on the top. Distribute locks so that they were located around. Put means for laying. Twirl hair on large hair curlers. Curls have to look down. Dry up hair, and then remove hair curlers and accurately comb curls. Tips if they were disheveled, can be hidden under elastic band or to pin invisible beings. Excellent hairstyle – the French braid. As a rule, such plait begins to be done from forehead to nape. But the French plait can be done in any direction. For example, zigzags. Begin to spin it, for example, from the right temple. Stack cone from right to left, gradually interweaving small locks with one and on the other hand. To Dopletita to the left ear, and then change the direction. Finish braid on the right side, between the right ear and nape. At the same time at all it is optional that all hair were interwoven into braid. The remained locks can be twisted, for example. On the basis of the French braid it is possible to do also such hair as skullcap. Begin to do plait from the top, spin on spiral. New locks in this case are added only from outer side. The braid has to braid all head. Locks on nape can be left and twisted abrupt curls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team