How to hold a competition at itself in a class

How to hold a competition at itself in a class

The school program every year becomes complicated more and more. Somehow to diversify life of school students, superfluous will sometimes not stage entertaining contests in a class. There are several universal rules which will help to organize any similar action.

It is required to you

  • to choose scope of a competition;
  • to make teams;
  • to get incentive prizes;
  • to invite guests;


1. At first it is necessary to decide on scope of a competition. It is desirable to tie it to some school event, whether it be week of mathematics or an autumn ball.

2. After the subject is chosen, report about the forthcoming event to pupils. Give will decide by him on the structure of the teams and captains. For yourself choose the most initiative pupil in assistants.

3. That school students did not feel as at a lesson, give them more freedom. Let will think up the name and an emblem for the teams. You have to undertake the main objectives. It is necessary to think over tasks for a competition, stages, additional questions. If existence of creative number is supposed, help children to pick up music. Surely synchronize the picked-up music with the main scenario.

4. Warn administration of school and invite her as jury. Assessment of competent people is very important for children. Surely give to each judge in one copy of the scenario.

5. Think up an accurate estimated system on each task. Before holding a competition surely announce rules. It will be better if you together repeat them. Spread out tasks on envelopes and provide to teams the accidental choice. It will prevent the possible conflicts regarding justice. After performance of all tasks surely praise children and pledge the word to the chairman of jury.

6. After the announcement of winners by all means congratulate winners and praise losers. Solemnly award prizes. Try that all the time of holding a competition passed in the atmosphere of a holiday. Try not to organize the type final ""we have a draw"". Children like to compete therefore such end of a holiday you most likely will discourage at them to repeat holding competitions. Especially it will be sensitive for team which was stronger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team