Cocoa with milk: advantage or harm?

Cocoa with milk: advantage or harm?

All of us know taste of chocolate drink since the childhood. However not everyone thought of what advantage is born in itself by cocoa with milk and whether all can use it. Our article is also devoted to this subject.

Caloric content and structure of cocoa with milk (with sugar, without sugar)

To understand whether really the product is useful, originally it is necessary to deal with its chemical composition. It should be noted that cocoa with milk — a well of useful elements. Visually its advantage will be presented by the following table.




179.7 mg


89.2 mg


12.4 mg


86.1 mg


37 mg


0.5 mg

PP vitamins

0.58 mg

B5 vitamins,







0.3 mg

0.1 mkg

0.05 mg

0.03 mkg

5 mkg

17.3 mg

0.3 mkg

All steam of cups in a week will allow to provide an organism with zinc.

The nutritional value of 100 grams of a product (BZHU) is:

  • proteins — 2.9 g;
  • fats — 2.9 g;
  • organic acids — 0.2 g;
  • carbohydrates — 17.2 g;
  • food fibers — 0.5 g;
  • ashes — 0.7 g;
  • water — 80.3 g.

Whether you know? The technology of preparation of cocoa powder and cocoa butter was invented by Dutch Conrad of bathtubs Hoyten in 1828.

At the same time to be necessary to remember that cocoa — a high-calorie product. If to weld on water, its caloric content will be 68–69 kcal. Prepared on milk will be more high-calorie — 94 kcal. However, such figures are relevant only for drink without sugar. Sweet has the caloric content of 110-140 kcal (depends on amount of the added sugar).

Advantage of a product

Thanks to rich structure of the vital elements, drink has useful properties. It positively influences an organism in general and also health of the person. So, its use allows:

  • to stimulate work of a respiratory system;
  • to intensify production of hemoglobin;
  • to reduce the probability of formation of blood clots;
  • to prevent appearance of caries;
  • to recover muscles after heavy physical activities;
  • to protect skin from negative impact of ultraviolet;
  • to prevent development of oncology;
  • to adjust blood circulation;
  • to reduce risk of development of diabetes;
  • to improve work of a brain and to lighten the mood;
  • to normalize arterial blood pressure.

It is important! To receive quality drink, it is necessary to choose raw materials correctly: powder should not contain lumps and possess in pleasant color and aroma.

For men

To define whether it is useful for men to drink cocoa with milk, it is possible, having examined its influence on a male body. So, drink:

  • supports a reproductive system in a tone;
  • promotes active production of testosterone;
  • reduces risk of development of prostatitis;
  • increases quality of sperm.

For women

Despite the high caloric content, this product it is possible to offer the women keeping to a diet. Many can doubt, than cocoa with milk for persons interested to lose weight can be useful. Everything is simple — this product will help to eliminate anemia probability. For sweetening it is possible to include fructose.

For women it is useful to eat a feijoa, parsley, ginger, beet, almonds, pomegranate, a thyme, a dogrose, avocado, a celery and a filbert.

Besides, presence of such drink at a diet:

  • favorably affects mental capacities;
  • will help to sustain loadings;
  • normalizes a menstrual cycle;
  • will keep youth and beauty of skin;
  • will improve mood.

At the same time it is worth remembering that it is possible to receive from drink both advantage, and harm

Whether it is possible to drink cocoa with milk

These components are perfectly combined with each other. However physicians warn about what cocoa with milk can be used in moderate quantity.

To pregnant women

Being going to become mother, each woman especially carefully watches the diet. Therefore despite positive characteristics of a product, doubts whether pregnant women can drink drink on milk. Such product will be the good assistant in this family way, however its quantity should be limited. So, at moderate consumption, drink stabilizes mood and will sate an organism with nutritious elements.

Learn what cocoa is useful.

To the feeding mothers

During feeding the cocoa breast with milk does not recommend to use. The fact is that this product can cause nervousness in the kid and allergic reactions.

To children

As well as at pregnancy, children need to give cocoa with milk carefully. At the same time it is necessary to consider that it is possible to give it to children is more senior than three years. It is not recommended to take drink before going to bed. It is not desirable for small children to give a product for such reasons:

  1. The children's organism is not capable to master a large amount of the tannic and toning substances.
  2. Fragrant connections can cause an allergy.

It is important! If you decided to indulge the kid with this drink, choose only a quality product, without additives and fragrances.

It is necessary to enter into a diet of kids drink gradually since two times a week on ½ glasses. At the same time it is important that on time it was no later than a lunch. Step by step the dose is increased and bring no more, than to four mugs a week. On the whole cup of drink it will be possible to give only to children is more senior than six years and no more, than 2 cups a day. After the child is 10 years old, drink can be drunk daily for breakfast.

Whether harm is possible

As well as any product, cocoa with milk can both have positive effect, and to do harm. In a product such unsafe elements as caffeine and the purinovy bases are found. Purines are important for an organism, but only in limited quantities. For this reason you should not abuse this drink.

Whether you know? Most of all cocoa import the Netherlands. The population of this country is consumed by about 20% of a world harvest.

Restrictions concern such categories:

  • people with problems in joints and kidneys (gout, osteoporosis, arthritis) — purines are the reason of accumulation of uric acid;
  • the people suffering from excess weight and at diabetes — at drink big caloric content;
  • children up to three years — as a part of a product contain components which excite nervous system;
  • allergic persons, the lactating women — cocoa is allergen;
  • at problems with digestion (locks, a diarrhea).

As we see, cocoa with milk — a magic product. And if you have no contraindications, then the cup of a tasty product in day will sate an organism with useful elements and will present great mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team