How to make fruit liqueur from a chernoplodka

How to make fruit liqueur from a chernoplodka

The chokeberry, or chernoplodka is the fruit bush reaching in height no more than 2 m. Treats to family of a rose family. Blossoming occurs in May, fruits ripen by September.

It is required to you

  • - 5 kg of a chokeberry;
  • - 170 ml of alcohol of 70%;
  • - 330 ml of vodka;
  • - 230 g of sugar;
  • - 150 ml of water;


1. For preparation of fruit liqueur from a chokeberry it is necessary to select the kept-up berries. Remove all garbage, backs, branches, fruit stems. To wash carefully with warm water and to allow to flow down excess liquid. Such preparation of berries for further processing - guarantee of receiving quality drink. The quality of fruit liqueur won't become worse if a part of berries is mint.

2. By means of a masher or the blender pound berries to uniform consistence. It is necessary to pound in the small portions because chernoplodka berries very dense. Place berries on 2/3 in a large bottle with a big neck.

3. Then pour in alcohol and vodka, so that it was higher than the level of berries on 3-5 cm. Close densely a large bottle a polyethylene cover and place in the warm place for 20 days. Comfort temperature for fermentation 23-28os, at a smaller temperature process of fermentation slows down or can stop in general. It isn't necessary to fill capacity on the edge because at fermentation the volume increases. During fermentation it is also not necessary to open a cover as alcohol in interaction with oxygen forms acetic acid, and further drink can become sour.

4. 20 days later tincture needs to be filtered, through a small sieve or several layers of a gauze with a layer from cotton wool. It is necessary to leave berries for further processing.

5. To add a sugar syrup to the filtered fruit liqueur, for this purpose to mix sugar with water, it is good to mix everything. Pour on bottles, it is better to use bottles from dark glass. Remove to the cool place for 10-12 weeks for maturing.

6. After fruit liqueur from a chokeberry is ready, it is necessary to filter it 2-3 more times for removal of a deposit.

7. As a result fruit liqueur with a strength of 10-30 degrees will turn out. It is possible to store it within two years. The taste turns out slightly bitterish and astringent, and color can vary from red to dark-violet.

8. If drink turned out strong, then it is possible to lower degree a little. For this purpose berries which remained and fill up with sugar in a proportion 2:1. Expose on sunlight and leave for several days to full sugar remelting. Filter the received juice and dilute ready fruit liqueur to the necessary concentration. It is possible to receive juice from berries in such a way to 3-4 times.

9. It is necessary to remember that fruit liqueur from a chokeberry can promote pressure decline therefore people with low pressure need to take this drink carefully.

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