The recipe of the squash baked with cheese

The recipe of the squash baked with cheese

The person keeping to a diet on medical indications can eat variously, tasty and festively too. One of simple, but tasty, juicy dishes which will suit even to the diabetic are the squash baked with cheese.

It is required to you

  • - a squash - 200 g
  • - cheese - 200 g
  • - garlic - 1 teeth
  • - spices (ground coriander, dried garlic, a poison ivy) - to taste


1. To grate cheese and a squash. Squash don't need to be subjected to any additional thermal treatment - they also propenutsya so well. Also grated fruits don't need to be wrung out, exempting from excess liquid. It also gives juiciness to this dish.

2. Add the garlic peeled and grated on a small grater. One clove is quite enough for giving of a fine aroma. Garlic is remarkably combined with a squash and cheese. Also at this stage it is necessary to add some spice. In addition it isn't necessary to add some salt to a dish as cheese in itself already contains salt.

3. Carefully to mix all products that cheese interstratified with polished squash as much as possible evenly. Shift weight in baking cups, stack densely, in addition pressing down, for example, a masher for картофетя. Put molds in a hot oven.

4. Bake squash with cheese at a temperature of 220 degrees within half an hour. Cheese will melt and will begin to rage in molds, then all weight will a little settle, and on a surface the ruddy cheese crust is formed.

5. Take out from an oven, cool on a table, to take out carefully from molds and shift to a dish. Give in a warm or cold look.

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