How to drink and to get drunk?

How to drink and to get drunk?

The meeting of friends, holidays, bachelor parties, office parties at work – occasions to drink at men happens much. Knowledge of ways not to get drunk in some situations is very important. For this reason many dream to solve a secret of intelligence agencies and to learn how to drink and to get drunk with alcohol.

How to be prepared for a feast to drink and to get drunk?

If you want to know how to drink and to get drunk with alcohol, adopt council of physicians. Process of sobering up at the person begins only when in his blood enough special enzyme – alcohol dehydrogenase which splits alcohol collects. At the ordinary person this enzyme is present always, but after the drunk alcohol its level considerably increases.

Therefore one of ways how to get drunk less, consists in preliminary acceptance of alcohol. In 3-4 hours prior to a feast drink 100 g of vodka and densely eat. By the time of plentiful libations the alcohol dehydrogenase level in blood will grow, and you will get drunk much more slowly.

What to drink and eat till a feast not to get drunk?

Some days before a holiday begin to use more than products rich with iodine – a sea cabbage, squids, shrimps, mussels, a feijoa. So you will stimulate a thyroid gland for strengthening of production of the hormones accelerating processing of alcohol. During a feast do not refuse also yodosoderzhashchy snack.

One day before a holiday it is possible to take aspirin which will accelerate alcohol processing, but it is impossible to drink it during a feast! For improvement of work of a liver, principal organ of processing of alcohol, in 8-12 hours prior to a feast take the drug liv-52, bile-expelling collecting or syrup of a dogrose. In 4 hours prior to a holiday it is possible to drink B6 vitamin (neuromultivit, the V-complex, neuroscale).

For an hour prior to a celebration accept double norm of one of medicines: vobenzy, mezim-forte, abomin, Kreon or unienzy (but did not festat). At the same time it is possible to accept also amber acid, in the dosage specified on packing. It will accelerate your metabolism and removal of alcohol.

What to have a snack during the celebration on not to get drunk?

It is competent to have a snack – it does not mean what needs to be eaten much. Plentiful snack will slow down alcohol absorption, but then everything drunk will collapse in blood. To drink and not to get drunk you will be helped by such dishes as aspic and jelly – they neutralize products of disintegration of alcohol. Drink more liquid at a table, it is the best of all to prefer sour juice – lemon, apple, grape.

Other ways not to get drunk

Try to drink within the norm: per day the organism without serious consequences is capable to sustain 170 g of ethanol on 70 kg of weight of the person. Excess of a dose threatens with poisoning.

During a feast try not to stir drinks since different alcohol mixes up and creates additional load of a liver. Besides, doctors recommend to drink transparent alcohol as dark drinks cause more severe hangover. If you want to taste cocktail – choose drink with lemon or tomato juice.

It is better to drink alcohol in a volley since through mucous a mouth it is absorbed much quicker, than through a stomach and intestines. If you feel strong intoxication, it is necessary to accept some adsorbent, for example, activated carbon, polifepan, lignosorb, liferan.

During a holiday move more – dance, participate in competitions. The movement accelerates metabolism and promotes fast removal of toxins.

Before going to bed after a feast it is possible to accept once again adsorbents then it is desirable to descend in a toilet that toxins came out an organism. Surely air the room or leave a window open – the hangover after a dream will be much less. Drink green tea in the morning – it will help to get rid of the remained toxins and will improve the general state.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team