How to interest the wife

How to interest the wife

Some families pass through different vital stages including crisis. Often happens that the wife grows cold to the spouse that becomes serious test for marriage, it is frequent on female love and tenderness the family keeps.


1. Perhaps, your wife was simply tired. Analyze whether not too you charged with many cares her shoulders. Wives in modern families have many duties. Work, shops, cooking, washing, dry-cleaner. Still children - walks, occupations, doctors, circles, lessons, sports sections. And all this on it one. Here at anyone desire and interest will be gone. Remove a part of duties from the spouse, give it rest from household chores and, perhaps, in her eyes the former naughty spark will appear again.

2. Remember when you looked after the then future wife, you went out with her on dates. Invite the wife to a romantic dinner! Reserve a table at restaurant, you go to theater or on a concert, or go on the nature, organize a picnic. Do not take children, bring them for a while to grandmothers or friends. Stay with the wife alone.

3. Communicate to it, look in her eyes, make laugh her. Perhaps, that alienation which began will gradually thaw? Try to find time to stay with the wife alone. Let her go to beauty shop, will do hair, manicure, will put on a beautiful dress.

4. If sexual life went wrong, try "to inflate extinct coals". It is possible just to talk to the wife, to ask her directly that ceased suit it. Sometimes there is nothing better than a direct and fair conversation. Perhaps, she is killed by predefiniteness, a routine, sex perceived as a Saturday duty.

5. Try to change something, for example, have sex not in the evening, and in the afternoon or in the morning. It is possible to make it at all not houses, for example, to have the room in hotel, or to crash to the country. Or in general to have sex in the car. You do not even represent how change of a situation can affect a libido and sensual pleasure.

6. Refuse sad family sex - present to the wife expensive beautiful linen, stockings and stiletto shoes, try to watch together the Erotic movie or go to a disco to night club where try to look at each other with new eyes and to give vent to passionate dances and kisses.

7. If the wife still loves, then her temporary cooling can be kindled if to apply forces.

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